Perfect Interior Design Ideas For A Modern Home

Designing a home has never afforded us as many options as it does today. Some may feel spoilt for choice, the embarrassment of riches that constitute our design ideas proving too many to consider.

But if you have settled on a design idea – specifically, a modern one – how exactly do you execute it? It’s all very well and good choosing a direction to take, but it’s the execution of said direction that makes all the difference. In some cases, you only get one shot at a great-looking home, and this post will help you get there.

Modern Interior Home Design

Modern Interior Home Design

What makes something ‘modern’?

Everyone has their own ideas about this, and there’s no one true defining factor. Strangely, more traditional ideas like exposed brickwork may be considered modern because they’re unique. By that standard, couldn’t anything fall under this wide umbrella?

Well, not exactly. A modern look tends to involve a sleek design, with plenty of smooth whites, creams and blacks complementing each other. Modern design is all about accents, and limited use of vibrant colours to great effect. Indeed, a design style like Manhattan is all about downtown chic, which accents the standout features of your living space.

So, think minimalistic and streamlined. Below, you’ll find a couple of modern interior design ideas that you may or may not find appealing. Can’t hurt to browse!

A see-through bathtub

By using glass as your entire bath frame, your bathroom gains a wonderful aura of mystery. While it’s true that this isn’t exactly the most private of spaces, shouldn’t the bathroom be empty when you’re in the bath anyway?

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design

Out with the old…

This feature demonstrates all the best aspects of modern design, including a unique feel and no use of colour. Your wall tiles and flooring will finely complement the sleek nature of your tub, making it a standout feature in an otherwise bland room.

Understairs storage drawers

You’ve probably all seen underbed storage drawers, but did you know you can get them for your stairs, too? This is an excellent way to save space, and store everything in a convenient location.

The trouble with underbed storage is that it restricts your items to one room. The stairs are an area of passage for every member of the household, making all items readily accessible. This also means your storage directly blends in with other areas of your design pattern, meaning nothing will look out of place.

Understairs Storage Drawers

Understairs Storage Drawers

Fusion tables

We previously spoke of how modern design is all about minimalism and streamlined features. It doesn’t get any more so than this! A fusion table is a table that hides a second function underneath its top layer. For example, you could slide away the top to reveal some storage space, or even a pool table.

Pool is cool…

This accomplishes multiple things. Like the understairs storage, you save space, negating the need for extra drawers or a separate games table. This also blends two features into one compact space, making your whole house feel a little more elegant.

So, whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have been there a while, it’s about time you had these modern thoughts!