8 Facts About House Cleaning That Will Get You Thinking

For some people, house cleaning is a fun task. For some, it is the most boring task. While others believe, cleaning is important to get rid of dust and germs. This actually stands true. If your house is not clean, you will suffer from health-related issues. A clean house gives you a clean environment and that is important for your overall well-being.

You can opt for house cleaning services in NJ that offer complete cleaning solutions for your house cleaning needs. House cleaning is not only essential but also mandatory. Here are 8 facts about house cleaning that will get you thinking, read on.

House Cleaning Services
House Cleaning Services

1. Clean your house to burn some calories. You heard that right. Do you know that if you clean your house for two hours, you can burn up to 220 calories? So, the next time you feel lazy to clean, just think about your body. This will inspire you to clean your house without any excuse.

2. Do you know the dust in your house is composed of fibers from bedding and clothes, human skin cells, and air pollutants that enter the house from your windows? That is the reason most people in the world suffer from dust allergies. Do cover your mouth, the next time you clean or dust your house to save yourself from dust allergy.

3. The bathroom is the dirtiest place as compared to other areas of your house. It’s important to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free. A kitchen is a place where there are more germs as compared to other rooms in your house. Regular cleaning of the kitchen will help to keep your house germ free.

4. Many people spray the cleaning solution on the surface and clean it immediately but that will only remove part of the germs. It’s important to let the cleaner or cleaning solution stay on the surface for at least thirty seconds before you clean it with the cloth. So, all this while you were cleaning it wrong.

House Cleaning
House Cleaning

5. Do you know that lemon is the most effective disinfectant for house cleaning? Lemon juice not only helps to get rid of grease and stains in your house but also eliminates foul smells. Lemon can be used as a cleaning solution for complete cleaning of your house.

6. If you clean your blenders manually, then you should stop doing that. It is easier to clean blenders with the help of liquid soap and self-churning. You just need to add soap and water and turn it on. Your blenders will be cleaned automatically.

7. According to a survey, so many couples fight because of house cleaning chores. While 27% fight about who should clean, 24% fight about how often should the house be cleaned. 34% fight about cleaning issues and the rest 17% fight about how to clean. It is best to strike a deal somewhere so that couples don’t fight, right?

8. Women are more active in house cleaning as compared to men. Almost 50% of women do house cleaning on a regular basis. While only 25% of men do house cleaning according to a survey.

Were you aware of the above house cleaning facts? If not, now you are!