5 Basic Features of a Compact Excavator

Compact excavators are one of the most common types of construction equipment out there. They can be used in anything from large-scale construction projects to smaller projects at your home. For example, they can be used to move material at a building construction site or just demolish the old shed in your backyard.

And of course, there are some basic features that should come with any compact excavator. You should be aware of these features before you even start to buy a compact excavator from Rent1USA. Read on to learn more about these features so you can be as educated as possible before you rent or buy a compact excavator.

High Quality Compact Excavator
High-Quality Compact Excavator

1. Simple Operation

You don’t want to be operating a confusing piece of equipment, especially one as powerful as a compact excavator. Every high-quality excavator is going to be simple to control and operate so you don’t need intensive training in order to operate it.

This is crucial for your safety and ability to get the job done on the construction site. Instructions are going to be clear for the excavator and easy to understand for anyone who needs to use one.

2. Power Plus Lightness

There are two big things that should come with any excavator. It should have the power to get the job done. These pieces of equipment are especially powerful and any high-quality excavator will have no trouble getting your construction project done.

Plus, compact excavators are very lightweight, when compared to other heavier construction equipment. This is why it’s perfect for small to medium construction projects when you don’t need those huge bulldozers. But even though it is a smaller tool, the power it packs is comparable to those larger and more expensive construction tools. So, no worries there!

Excavator at Construction Site
Excavator at Construction Site

3. Compact and Slim

One of the best features of compact excavators is how, well, “compact” they are! It’s right in the name, after all. This means that you’re going to have no problem getting this compactor into tight spaces or moving it from the back to the front yard.

Plus, there’s going to be no trouble when you need to store the compactor. You wouldn’t want to leave such a powerful piece of equipment outside to get worn out from the weather. The compactness of the excavator makes it super easy to store in your shed or basement when you’re not using it. How great is that when that frustration is lifted off your shoulders?

4. Adaptability of Clamps

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the clamps you can use and how you attach them to the excavator. Depending on the project you’re working on, you can get attachments that will work perfectly for you. Plus, they can be attached to the excavator in various ways that will help you get your construction project done in the way that you need to.

The adaptability of these machines is simply amazing, especially when compared to larger pieces of equipment that are not as adaptable to your needs.

Compact Excavators
Compact Excavators

5. Resonance Free

This means that high-quality compact excavators are not going to provide much resonance when in use. This simply increases your comfortability when using the device. This may not seem so important, but when you’re using the tool, you’ll want that resonance-free feature. Make sure that this is at the top of your list when you’re shopping around for compact excavators.

In the above article, we’ve outlined the top features that should be included in any compact excavator. Be sure to keep these in mind when you’re picking out the next excavator for your construction project so you can make the best choice.