Why Your Bedroom Needs A Walk in Closet Now

When you hear the words, “walk in closet” do you start dreaming of how to arrange your shoes, blazers, and jewelry with all of that extra space? Do you start imagining perfectly maintained clothing neatly hungor folded and placed on shelves, in drawers, or behind transparent glass doors? More and more homeowners are realizing that walk in closets aren’t just a luxury; they are a must-have home addition for a better lifestyle.

Bedroom Walk in Closet

Bedroom Walk in Closet

Organization is the number one reason the majority of homeowners add walk in closets to their bedroom. Today’s jam-packed, fast-paced lifestyles don’t leave much room for error. Professionals like yourself need to save time wherever they can, and a walk in closet saves you both time and stress searching for the right pair of shoes or suit in the morning. Imagine how much a serene morning routine could change your mental well being for the rest of the day. Don’t ruin your day before it’s even started rummaging through overcrowded hangers and overflowing drawers, and pulling out wrinkled garments.

Another reason to install a walk in is privacy. Often busy and conflicting schedules have families and couples racing to get dressed at different hours of the day and night. Retreating into a quiet place to dress, knowing there will be no disruptions, will give you a sense of peace and centeredness that shuffling around in an overcrowded bedroom never could. A custom cabinetry company like Toronto’s Space Age Closets can add a personal touch that will enhance whatever atmosphere you’re looking for. Do you want to cultivate a sense of luxury, a feeling of calm and meditation, or a minimal, organized aesthetic? No matter what look you want, a custom storage solution company can give you the designs you crave. If you’re not decided on the kind of aesthetic you want, try visiting Spaceageclosets.com for great ideas.

Custom Walk in Closet

Custom Walk in Closet

You should always consider the resale value of improving the storage in your master bedroom. In Toronto’s red hot real estate market, additional amenities like walk ins are the kinds of features that spark bidding wars.

Working with a custom cabinetry company like Space Age Closets means you can get the storage solution that fits your taste and lifestyle. Some design features you may want to consider include storage islands, mirrors, and glass cabinets. Individual taste plays a major role in the design, but there are several features you can use to enhance the space:

#1 Shelves for you to arrange your shoes neatly and without constantly leaving them underfoot.

#2 Mirrors: full-length, 360, and round mirrors can all be used strategically.

#3 Seating, especially at a vanity table, can add to your walk in if you have the space for it. Benches, chaises, and settees all are ideal, while a vanity table with a seat is a wonderful feature and a great place to store smaller accessories.

There are so many outstanding choices and beautiful features you can add to this luxurious bedroom extension. There is no time like the present to add a bit of perfection to the bedroom.