Why People Prefer Concertina Partitions These Days?

Planning on designing or redesigning your corporate office space? One of the latest trends on designing office spaces is to make use of moveable walls or concertina partitions. Partitions have several benefits to offer in an office space including but not limited to the fact that they make for a more interactive office environment. When everyday office work is done involving involvement of multiple employees with each other or with the project leader, then having individual cubicles can waste a lot of time in the workers moving from one place to another. Removing the cubicles and placing partitions in their place can mean that they can form their own work station combining the individual ones.

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About Accordion Type Partitions

They are also called accordion type partitions, because the way the partition closes up is exactly like the bellow of an accordion. It doubles up in small parts so as to get folded into a tiny place making way for more room to work. When you want to separate space, simply draw the partition back and there would be a strong layer of fabric separating now two rooms.

Concertina Partitions are made out of a fabric known as Woolmix which is designed to ensure stability in the face of rough use, and longevity. It would be a good investment in an atmosphere where these partitions are used regularly. They are available in various heights ranging from 1500 ml short partitions to entire floor to ceiling partitions, which gives you a good range of choices when you decide to buy them.

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Connecting Partitions

There are connection strips that you can avail which allow you to connect more than one partition at a certain angle to each other. These can be used to seclude a small portion of a room out from the other portions, as well as to make individual cubicles in a large office hall. Not only has that, these concertina screens also had an inbuilt office door which can be locked by the employee once the work is done. If you work in a call centre or a BPO where you need a quiet environment to work in while the rest of the area is noisy, you may find the floor to ceiling partitions a good investment, as their fabric is designed to absorb noise and get you a relatively quieter working environment in the interior.

Not only offices, concertina screens are an excellent choice when you are looking for a temporary partition or partitions during exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings and so on. In makeshift accommodation, things do not get much better. These screens find usage not only in corporate, business or office work but also in schools, universities and hospitals. In fact, they can even be used at home if a makeshift or temporary seclusion is what you require.

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The screens are moveable and portable, which means that they take up a very low amount of space when they are being moved, thereby making it easy for you to transport them from place to place according to your requirements.