White Space: How to Decorate with Shades of White

Close your eyes and picture yourself walking into an all-white room. How do you feel? Do you feel serene and relaxed? Are you starving for a little bit of colour? Do you feel fearful that you will spill something and spoil the look? An all-white room can evoke all of these emotions. If the idea of living in an all-white space is at the same time appealing and daunting to you, these tips will help you to get the look you are after without the stress. A white room, done well, can be very elegant and serene. When it comes to creating lux interior design Vancouver residents can be confident when decorating in shades of white.

Interior Captivating Living Room Decoration

Interior Captivating Living Room Decoration

1. Consider the white as a jumping off point

Instead of seeing a white room as something to be intimidated by, look at it like you would a blank piece of paper. It’s a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to colour it! White is the perfect backdrop for making other décor elements really pop. For example, on a white wall, a large statement art piece will really stand out!

2. Use white in the kitchen

There’s a reason many hospitals use white as the primary design colour. It evokes cleanliness. In a room such as bathroom or kitchen, white cabinets, walls, etc. can give a fresh and clean look to your room. In the bathroom, pairing white with watery shades of blue and turquoise will create a fresh look perfect for relaxing in the tub.

Marvellous Modern White Shades Kitchen Design

Marvellous Modern White Shades Kitchen Design

3. White and metal is a perfect combo

You may feel as though you have to combine white with splashes of big, bright colours, but that’s not the case. Some of white’s best sidekicks are actually metallic. Gold, stainless steel, brass and copper pair beautifully with white for a sophisticated, modern look.

4. White upholstery can be family friendly

Yes, you read that right. White can be a family-friendly colour! The trick to having getting the look of a white sofa without having the stress of worrying about spills is to be choosy about your upholstery. Steer clear of authentic leather and other high-maintenance fabrics. Instead, opt for imitation leather, which is easy to clean and when protected properly, spills wipe right off.

Interior Decoration with Brilliant White Shades

Interior Decoration with Brilliant White Shades

5. Give your tchotchkes centre stage

When you have white walls, everything set against those walls really pops. If you have a favourite piece of artwork that you want to showcase, hang it on a white wall and it will surely grab attention.

6. Understand the shades of white

White isn’t just one colour. It’s a family of colours. There are warm whites, cool whites, whites with at pink undertone, whites with a yellow undertone – the spectrum of whites is wide and vast. The shade of white you choose will directly impact the feeling and the mood of a room. Use a cool-toned, blue-white in the bathroom for flattering lighting, and a warmer toned white in the living room to create a feeling of warmth. Large rooms painted in a cooler blue-white can feel sterile if they aren’t balanced with the right mix of warmer tones, so be aware of that when you are choosing your colour scheme.