Where To Install Your Home Security Cameras

Home surveillance cameras will be of no use if positioned carelessly around a property. It can also jeopardise the safety of you and your family if the cameras don’t act as a sufficient deterrent.

Before setting up, take into consideration some of the following points before installing your home surveillance system.

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera


Your sets of CCTV cameras are not there for show. They are there to protect the home and should to be positioned in the most efficient locations. You know your property better than anyone so consider which areas are most vulnerable to intrusion. Where would you choose to break-in if you had to?

Many people consider investing in CCTV as their property has recently been infiltrated. If this is the case, consider where the incident happened and if the presence of cameras could have prevented it. You can also contact the previous owners and ask if they experienced a burglary and if so, where was the entry point?


There are conflicting views as to whether home surveillance systems should be placed in clear view of potential intruders or covered away. Visible cameras may put off criminal activity in the first place but can also be within reach to tamper with. For the most effective protection, it is advisable to combine the two approaches.

Home Surveillance Systems

Home Surveillance Systems

If the burglar is not deterred by the cameras on show, their movements can still be in full view of the hidden ones. These images can be the crucial factor in securing a conviction in time. Also consider dummy CCTV models; some homeowners use these to prevent break-ins at lesser expense.

Various Locations

Start with the obvious and place cameras around the high risk entry points into the home. The front and back doors should always have a camera, or cameras, set up around them to both put off potential intruders and capture their movements. As these areas of the home are so important to protect, you may need the cameras lower down for full coverage. To get round this, enclose the camera within a steel mesh cage to protect it from damage.

Intruders also pinpoint side windows as a potential area to break in, often away from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by on the street. Position cameras out of reach or protect them sufficiently as criminals will use their camouflaged surroundings to disable them without interruption.

Home Surveillance Camera

Home Surveillance Camera

The back and side gates around the property are further areas to consider. Not only do they provide an access point to the home but are also a route into the garden. Most homeowners leave expensive garden furniture and toys unlocked overnight; the sheer presence of cameras around gates can deter criminals from getting as far.

Depending on the size of the property and your budget, it is best to place cameras covering different angles and locations around the whole perimeter. Focus on the potential vulnerable break-in points, including side windows and back doors, where many burglars target. For more efficient systems, invest in motion detectors and night vision cameras for further protection.

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Jade Waddy is the editor for Big Brother All Security and has an NOCN level 3 in journalism. She writes on all manner of subjects but specialises in home improvement.