What to Look For In Today’s Premium Shower

Once upon a time, taking a shower was as simple as it got. It didn’t matter whether you were based at Buckingham Palace or a three bed-semi a couple of hundred miles down the road; you stepped in, got washed, and stepped out.

For a lot of people, this experience hasn’t changed. However, for those who are looking to maximise their showering experience (there’s a phrase you never thought you’d hear!), it’s now possible to bling’ your shower up in the most inventive ways you could imagine.

Manufacturers are now releasing product after product which seems to better the previous one, and subsequently bring an element of luxury to the morning shower. Several years ago, the main difference between systems may have been the material that the shower as made of. Now, be prepared to cipher through any of the following features when buying your next shower model.

Shower Heads

Shower Heads

The Big Head

It’s probably the simplest feature we’ll describe through this article, but it’s something a lot of householders crave anyhow. There are now countless shower heads on the market that are huge in size and under the right circumstances, they can allow for much bigger quantities of water to be dispersed.

When we talk about the correct circumstances, we’re really referring to water pressure. In those homes which have poor pressure, there is little point in purchasing a sizeable head as you’ll be limited to a gentle trickle. Of course, you can get around this issue, and these Grundfos domestic water pumps can be one way to increase the pressure and subsequently make your bathroom more suited to a larger head. There are also other ways to try and achieve this, although the above is the most permanent solution.

The Las Vegas Shower

The heading is probably a bit of an exaggeration, although the invention of LED shower heads has transformed some bathrooms into something of a neon lights show. The topic of combining lights and water may have been frowned upon several years ago, but this technology results in LED nodes being activated upon the release of water through the head. Some will stay a constant colour, while others will change based on the temperature and pressure.

If used correctly, they can turn the ordinary bathroom into the ultra-contemporary.

The Body Wash

Taking A Shower

Taking A Shower

Nowadays, showers are not reserved for overhead use. The emergence of fully body wash systems have taken the market by storm and more and more people are opting for this solution, which sees jets attached to the walls as well as from above the head. As such, the user is immersed in water from all angles and as well as theoretically making the showering process more efficient, the varying settings mean that many can promote a form of massage at the same time.

The Remote Control

The final ‘premium’ feature we’re going to mull over is the remote control; or in some cases, just the standard hi-tech control. Some showers have become indulged with so many features that they need a control panel to manage them. Whether it’s a digital temperature gauge, the spray intensity or even settings tailored to each member of the family, the modern control panel really has made the typical showering experience something that nobody could have imagined several years ago.

Of course, if you scour the web hard enough you could probably find umpteen shower features that put the standard models to shame. For a lot of people, the standard head will suffice. For those that want a little luxury in their bathroom though, many of these options don’t cost the earth to install and they are certainly becoming more mainstream.