What Is a Green Roof – Benefits and Understanding the Services Provided By the Contractor

What is a green roof?

It is a modern concept of making your environment a lot greener and the best idea for any nature lover. As the name already suggests, it is a roof top with greenery. It helps in improving the atmosphere and environment around you. Usually, a green roof is suitable for tall buildings, which already have waterproof flooring, irrigation fittings, and a proper drainage system that is well suitable for growing plants and trees.

Green Roof House

Green Roof House

There are many benefits to having a green roof garden on your building. Some of them include:-

Temperature –

Having a roof top garden helps the temperature cool down. If the other buildings in your area have a roof top garden as well, this will bring down the overall temperature in the summer season. It will also help cut down on heating and cooling bills.

Air pollution –

Air pollution is a major issue in today’s world. Green roof top garden help in absorbing carbon dioxide and other impurities from the atmosphere and gives us fresh and healthy air to breathe.

Roof Top with Greenery

Roof Top with Greenery

Water pollution –

Green top gardens also help in absorbing heavy metals from rainwater that are harmful for the human body. It is a major point of concern in urban areas.

UV rays –

It protects the building structure from harmful UV rays that affects the longevity of the building’s structure.

Preference –

A building with a green rooftop is more preferable than a building or house without one because of the many benefits. It helps in increasing the value of the building or home on the market.

Green Top Garden

Green Top Garden

Cost cutting measures –

Sometimes, the government provides tax benefits to people who have a green roof top on their house or building.

Now if you were planning to landscape your green roof garden, you would need to take care of some major issues. Landscaping a building is not an easy task. Some of the old building’s landscape design is not strong enough to bear a green roof. Therefore, you need to plan it accordingly.

Your first step would be to contact a contractor to help you fix up a green roof in your building. Basically there are three types of landscaping contractors – the first type specializes in landscaping residential areas, the second type specializes in landscaping commercial buildings only and the third type is comfortable landscaping both residential and commercial areas. You should find a contractor that you’re comfortable working with.

Green Roof Top Garden

Green Roof Top Garden

These contractors provide a wide range of services, some of the commonly offered services are:-

• Laying the foundation for landscaping

• Installing the plant material

• Building accessories for the landscape like patio, tea table, swing etc.

• Building retaining walls

• Installing lighting systems

• Installing irrigation systems, and many more

Find a contractor that will understand and give you a proper green roof garden according to your need. Go for a green top garden and have a peaceful environment at your fingertips.

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