What Building Maintenance Companies Do?

Would you like to know about building maintenance companies? What they do and how they work? The main goal of the maintenance companies is to effectively manage a building and cater to the needs of the facility.

What Building Maintenance Companies do-:

Building Maintenance Company’s responsibilities differ from building to building. They work according to building requirements as some tasks will be easy like fixing leakage to major projects that may include Glass Repairs, Cleaning & Restoration works, in tumescent/ Fire Resistant Coatings plus other Specialist Services to meet their clients’ need.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Following are the major areas of responsibilities for building maintenance companies.

Plumbing is one of the jobs of a maintenance company. This will include the plumbing work of the overall building, pools and fountains, and fire sprinkler systems. They also manage electrical systems and keep them in proper working condition. These also include the task of power distribution, heating and cooling systems and generators used during emergency conditions.

Building Maintenance along with cleaning is the major part of the maintenance service. These companies include regular building maintenance services to ensure their proper working. These periodic services ensure the longevity of the buildings enhancing the corporate image of the client company.

Internal surface maintenance works involves the protection of metals like steel, copper, aluminium etc. They take care and do proper cleaning of these surfaces which includes cleaning, polishing, sealing, stain removal and refurbishment. These services also include re-caulking windows, restoring and water proofing building materials, glass and window cleaning, stain removal services.

Glass repair – If you need to repair your window glass Building Maintenance companies are perfect to go for.

Fire Resistant – Building Maintenance Companies have qualified team to provide this service as they can handle the entire client’s need for In tumescent coatings.

External Building Maintenance

External Building Maintenance

Re-caulking window’s, cleaning windows, restoring and water proofing building materials all come in external maintenance. Building Maintenance Companies are responsible for all these things. As well as the top of the building called as roof & toilets need to be inspected occasionally and maintenance or repaired as needed.

Grounds maintenance would include removing garbage and flurry, grass & lawn care, landscaping design, and cleaning the parking lot. Proper fertilizing and trimming required for lawn grass, shrubs and trees.

Exceptional jobs that may need to be done occasionally are refinishing the floors, Cleaning or shampooing the carpet and spraying for bugs. Sometimes this task has been assigned to other companies which are specialized in it. And most of the times building maintenance companies are responsible for contracting these special tasks to other professionals.

So it’s very much required to be in the building maintenance service industry that you really need to be a jack of all trades, or at least know some reputable companies or may have in your contract that can do some of the work for you.

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