Using Window Blind Murals To Improve Your Home

People are always looking for different ways to do home improvements around the house without spending a lot of money but will have the look that you did spend money on the project. Some may decide to paint the rooms of the home, change the flooring and others may decide to change the look of the windows by creating a window blind mural. If you have never heard of a window blind mural or you would like to learn more you should read on below.

Window Blind Mural

Window Blind Mural

What Is A Window Blind Mural

If you are interested in improving the way your room appears by improving the look of the windows a window blind mural may be the perfect solution for you. These are the perfect way to dress up a window, which will also improve the look of the room, that it is in. Unfortunately these murals can be very time consuming and what you might think is a simple project may take a lot longer than you expected it to.

Tips To Create Your Window Blind Mural

When you are setting out to create your window blind mural the very first thing you should do is to conduct some research as to what types of blinds will be the easiest and most useful window blind murals for your home.

When you start your research and shopping for your blinds you will find that there are many different types of blinds that can be found for this project. The most common types are window shades and window blinds. It has been said that a window shade is easier to work with because it is all one surface. Vertical blinds can be a little more difficult to paint on because of the size of the blind but either can work. These can be found at any big box store as well as the home improvement stores. You will need to be sure to measure your window properly to be sure that the blind will fit your window. Once you start the mural on the blind you will not be able to return it if it is the wrong size.

Windows Shutters Design

Windows Shutters Design

When you start to paint the mural it is recommended that you use an acrylic paint. You will find that the paint is easier to work with and will adhere better to the surface of the blinds. The other good thing with acrylic paint is that it will not rub off easily while you are working with it.

Once the paint is completely dry you can also use different types of glazes to achieve different looks.

You should use high quality sponges and paint brushes when painting your mural. If you use supplies that are not a good quality you will find that the look you are trying to achieve will probably not happen. Spending the money now will get you the results that you are aiming for.


If you are looking to create a fun idea to personalize the rooms in your home you will find that window blind murals are the perfect solution. When you get tired of the look it is something that is easy to change. Therefore it is perfect for anyone even if you live in an apartment and you are not allowed to paint the actual walls.