Useful Tips on Suspended Ceiling Repairs

Common problems with suspended ceiling arise from water stains – either cased by damaged water pipes or leaky roofs. In some cases, air conditioners can be a reason of dust / dirt build-up, usually close to the grilles. Painting ceiling tiles is a common solution but it will be a short term measure. Eventually, you will need to address the heart of the problem and probably repair a couple of tiles that are allowing the damage to spread. Also, painting ceiling tiles will clog the fissures that are meant to absorb sound and make the home environment calmer. DIY repair of suspended ceiling is easy once you know the process. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repairs

Look for the exact area of fault

Suspended ceilings are popular because they hide overhead wiring, piping and other stuff and keep the ceiling space clean and trendy. However, since they are a grouping of several standalone installations, they are also more likely to be damaged. Damage can come in several forms – water seepage, dust and dirt deposition, dead animals, blockages, etc. When the need of repair arises, you need to locate the exact area that needs attention. The repair work can span a couple of tiles or an entire corner of the ceiling. It will be helpful if you can get a steady ladder and measure and mark the entire area.

Replacing tiles is the easiest way

Suspended ceilings are created by placing overhead tiles on framed that are held by strong hooks by the main ceiling. Usually, it is done in homes that have pyramidal roofs by straight room ceilings. Since the whole ceiling is made out from individual tiles placed in the steel frame, it will be the easiest option to mark out the defective/the worst affected tiles and replace them.

Repair of Suspended Ceiling

Repair of Suspended Ceiling

Finding the right tile

You must always keep the purchase slip of suspended ceiling tiles. Whenever you need to repair and replace tiles, you will need this slip to find out the perfectly matching tiles. Otherwise, the search can be quite difficult. After all, how many shops would you be able to go to carrying a ceiling tile along!

Addressing the core issue

While replacing tiles is the easier way to repair a damaged suspended ceiling, you will also need to address the core issue that caused the problem. If it is about water leaking from the roof, you will need to do a lengthy repair. If it is the air conditioner, you will need to change and/or clean the ducting. If it’s some kind of dead animal, you will need to remove it yourself or call in a professional. The core repair work is best done by a professional, be it a plumber, an air conditioner installer or an animal handler.

Ceiling Repair Service

Ceiling Repair Service


When repairing suspended ceilings by removing and replacing individual tiles, you will need to ensure that the installation is completely leveled. The original ceiling cannot be used as a measure for leveling accuracy. You will need to follow the other tile arrangement.

If the repair works goes out of DIY limitations, it is best to call in a professional suspended ceiling repair service. Suspended ceiling repairs don’t cost much but they require accuracy and a bit of technical expertise.

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