Top 10 Advantages Offered By Ducted Air Conditioner

While designing the interiors of your home or office space one question that comes to your mind is how to install air conditioners without spoiling the aesthetics of the room. That’s when the ducted air conditioners come up as an option. They can not only merge into the interiors but is also low on maintenance. The only maintenance is for the outdoor air conditioning unit. With the advancement in technology people have many options available to them but the question is to make a right choice and within the desired budget. With varying weather conditions these days’ people tend to use ducted air conditioning system more over the other forms of air conditioning. With the main unit installed within the roof space of home and each room is covered by series of ducts attached to the air conditioning unit.

Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioner

What are the Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning?

1. One can maintain centralized temperature and zone control with timer system.
2. The air is uniformly distributed in each room , therefore no hot or cold spots in home.
3. Flexibility of up multiple separate zones for air conditioning is possible.
4. The ducting system is available in different capacities to suit your home or office.
5. Does not interfere in the overall look of your home since they are mounted in the roof ceiling and take less space than other air conditioning units.
6. They are less noisy as compared to other systems.
7. More durable then the wall hanging units with long life.
8. Best suited for commercial places like hotels and shopping malls where the footfall is more.
9. Also is the best solution for people who suffer from breathing problems as it filters out the bacteria in the air.
10. They are easy to install and maintain.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

In Order to Install a Ducted Air Conditioner Few Points Which We Need to Consider

1. Selecting the Air Duct – The ducts of air conditioning system can also be used for heating and filtering systems. Different types of ducts required for air conditioning are:

a. Flexible Ducts – These are typically tube shaped made of wire coil and are covered with a flexible plastic which can be bended easily. These are easy to install and cost less than the other types of ducts.

b. Rigid Ducts – These are available in various sizes like rectangular or cylindrical and are hard and durable. These can be made of different materials such as metal sheets which are commonly used in commercial areas. Aluminum sheets are preferably used as they are light and installation is easy. The other type is made with fiberglass lining inside and outside. They are used in commercial areas as they are less noisy. Ducts made of fiberboard are also available; they are covered with sheet of foil from outside to protect them from moisture.

2. Design and Quantity – Determining the design for the ducting work is very important. Since based on the design you can decide on the quantity of ducts required as per the number of rooms which will be covered under the system.

3. Installation of Duct – It can be done by hiring professionals or on your own by buying ducted air conditioning kits.

4. Testing – After the installation is complete, test the air conditioning system to ensure that supply of air to each room is proper and there are no leaks.

Though the system may initially appear costly but in the long run it is value for money. These systems have been proved time and again to be very effective and are considered as the ultimate climate control solution. Moreover, you can visit us to know more information about ducted air conditioner.