Tips To Add A Touch of Medieval Majesty To Your Home

If you are looking to create a more majestic look to your home consider taking inspiration from the design of castles. Castles offer interesting details including attractive mixes of plaster walls, wainscoting and wood beams and detailed stone floors. Here are some ideas to create a castle like feeling to your interior:

Large Fireplaces: Massive fireplaces were common in castles much due to the scope of the rooms that had to be heated. Adding a larger scale fireplace and mantle will add a sense of stateliness to your space. You can look at a number of finishes including smooth plaster, stone hearths and heavy beamed mantles with ornate carving.

Majestic Living Room Decor Ideas

Majestic Living Room Decor Ideas

Stone Floors: Stone floors that are rough hewn will give your rooms a colder look and they can be warmed with large tapestry style area rugs. You can also choose to go towards older castles which had wide beamed wooded floors if you would like a warmer feeling. The wide plank floor in a rich dark finish will give your home a sense of richness and comfort.

Plaster/White washed walls: Smooth white plaster walls will give your home a warm and elegant look with a hint of rustic charm. You can apply varying finishes to make the rooms more opulent including details of gold leafing and filigrees, as well as Polished Plastering, which gives a marble like effect.

Wainscoting: As times progressed many castles introduced finished wood wainscoting on the walls and halls. You can introduce deep stained wainscoting for a majestic feeling to your home and if you do not like the dark feel you can lighten the look up by choosing to do the lower half of the wall with white plaster or interesting plaster finishes above.

Lighting: Castles tended to be quite dark until the introduction of arched windows which allowed the support required for larger openings. Look for large, ornate iron lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, torchiers and wall sconces. For a more French opulent look introduce crystal and gold metals to lighting fixtures.

Home Lighting Designs

Home Lighting Designs

Kitchen: A larger fireplace was a dominant feature of a castle kitchen. Not all kitchens can accommodate a fireplace but if you can then this is a definite must. Plaster or stone walls will make a nice finish for a castle kitchen and they would have had multiple food stations for food prep. Look for large high tables to create prominent islands as well as larger, deep sinks. Get creative with your storage using interesting pantry, bread and cheese cupboards or go for a dark wood cabinetry. Do add the modern comforts for appliances and task lighting. Stone floors add a nice finishing touch.

Architectural Detail: You can consider adding interesting architectural detail such as stone archways, arched windows and even turret like features you can create in bow or bay windows. However taking the castle theme too far can become less elegant and majestic and begin to look more like a themed hotel.

Sticking to subtle details will keep your castle inspired home looking majestic, warm and opulent.