Things To Include In The Ultimate Garden Man Cave

What is a man cave? If you look in the dictionary, you will see it is a metaphor for a place where he goes to find isolation and surround himself with manly things. Every man should have a cave.

If you wish to create a corner of the garden for yourself, here are my ideas for how to go about it and things to include in your den. There are no girls allowed here, (sorry if that is politically incorrect) so the rule book for the house does not apply. Use your imagination and you will create a space in which to hide away when you feel stressed. We all need such a place.

Man Cave

Man Cave

The Cave

Most gardens have space for a shed measuring six feet by four. You will be surprised at what you can fit in such a small ‘cave,’ so it is adequate for your needs. You should use a screen to hide it so that when you are in it you cannot see the house. The screen can be made of fencing panels, bamboo grass, and trellis with fast-growing ivy, or anything else that will serve the purpose.

You will need electricity in the cave. Some people use an extension lead plugged into the house via and RCD safety device. I advise you to call an electrician to install a permanent and safe supply.

Things To Include In and Around The Cave

Men love gadgets and large televisions. How can you fit a big TV in your shed? The TV Shield supply outdoor TV cases so that you can fit it outside the shed and open the door to watch when your favourite program is showing.

You will need a comfortable chair, and because you are in a dry area, you can use an indoor recliner for maximum comfort.

While you are indulging in isolation, you will probably get the urge for a beer. Don’t worry, there are many mini-refrigerators for sale online that will keep your favourite tipple cool throughout the hot summer.

Garden Man Cave

Garden Man Cave

There are some fantastic things you can use to decorate the space too. I don’t mean wallpaper or paint; how about a neon sign from a business that is closing down? Scour the internet auction sites to look for something special. You can buy new items, but something with character is best in my opinion.

Internet access is a must. Your home probably has a wireless router, but the cave may be out of range. You can buy a wireless range extender for about twenty pounds. If you position it in the part of the house nearest to your haven, the signal might reach. If not, you need to install a network cable from the garden to the router. It is not hard, just bury it in the flower beds. Using a laptop you can keep in touch with people in the main building without leaving your chair. Your cave has become a command and control centre.

Do you like the sound of this idea? Remember to ask permission from your wife or girlfriend before you proceed with the project, or you could live to regret it. We like to think we are in charge, but that is not very often the case.