The Power of Light – How to Add More Light to Your Home without Making Major Changes

Adding more light to your home can be one of the simplest and most effective ways of making it a more welcoming place.

If you want add the power of light to your home then you might think that you need to make some major changes. Adding bigger windows and skylights can certainly achieve this for you, although you will find that the best modern homes already come with clever designs to maximize light.

Lighting Decoration Living Room

Lighting Decoration Living Room

However, the good news is that there are also some simple ways of adding light to your property that don’t involve any major changes at all. The following are some of the best ones to consider.

Use Glass Doors

Glass doors are incredibly effective and letting light flood into a house. For example, you can use an external glass to let more light flood into your hallway or French doors for the dining room.

It is also worth fitting internal glass doors such as French doors. These can really open up dark corridors and make the whole house seem lighter and brighter as a result.

Home Light Decoration

Home Light Decoration

Hang Lighter Drapes

The drapes that you hang on your windows will also make a big difference to the quality of light that you enjoy at home. If you currently use heavy or dark drapes then they could be cutting out a good deal of the sunlight that you would like to see enter the home.

Try a lighter color of drapes or else a thinner material, to see what kind of effect it has on the light that enters. You might eventually decide that you only need to use the heavier drapes for the colder, winter months and lighter one for the rest of the year.

Modern Home Lighting Decoration

Modern Home Lighting Decoration

Use Mirrors

A strategically placed mirror can make a huge difference to the brightness of a room. If you place it in the right way then it can make any room appear more spacious as well.

You can get started simply by putting a mirror in one part of the house to see what kind of effect it has. If it doesn’t add greatly to the light you enjoy then you can move it around until you get a good result.

It doesn’t even have to be a particularly big mirror that is used, in order to get a good result. As long as it is cleverly positioned it can give you a big improvement regardless of the size.

Light Decoration Living Space

Light Decoration Living Space

Try Different Colors on the Walls

In some cases it may be that the previous options don’t work at all, or only have a limited effect. In this case, you might want to consider whether changing the color of the room might be a good move.

The initial reaction of many homeowners in this situation is to paint the walls in the lightest tone possible. While this can sometimes have a positive effect, it is not the only approach worth trying.

In some darker rooms it could work out better for you to try a darker tone that gives a more atmospheric look. If you can’t add more light then maybe you just need to make the most of what you have in another way.

Adding light to a home can be simpler than you think and can greatly improve the overall living space too.