The Future of Bathroom Design and Innovation

It’s important that we feel comfortable in our bathroom space but there’s always room to manoeuvre when it comes to incorporating and showcasing the various high quality finishes available for bathrooms nowadays.

With new materials moulded by fabulous new manufacturing techniques, we are now capable of having a wide range of traditional materials such as wood, natural stone, organic materials and minerals throughout the bathroom, finished to an impeccable standard.

With high end product designs such as these, we can achieve some outstanding backsplash finishes, wonderful faucet styles, shapes and much more.

Wonderful Gemelli H2O in Creative Bathroom Design Concepts

Wonderful Gemelli H2O in Creative Bathroom Design Concepts

Remember when storage compartments were strictly functional? Times have changed in recent years, as cabinetry has become one of the focal points of both contemporary and vintage bathroom spaces.

There are plenty of designs and finishes available to suit high end interior design requirements, with new materials and manufacturing methods introducing various colours, textures and patterns to our storage cabinets.

With such a mix of innovative styles available, from our latest attraction to simplistic concrete to pretentious, vintage jewels, we are now being tested more than ever to find the perfect collection of matching components.

We can talk about our fixation with vintage styles as much as we like but the truth is that metallic finishes are becoming a much more prominent feature as we continue our journey into the future of bathroom interior design.

From its ability to reflect natural light to the wide variety of unique finishes on offer, metal is capable of embedding itself neatly into any contemporary bathroom space.

The monotonous, industrial feel of metal is long gone and we are now realising its true potential throughout the household.

Decoration Bathroom Interior Ideas

Decoration Bathroom Interior Ideas

Bathrooms have jumped ahead of the queue in the race to make it a regular feature, with faucets and cabinets alike getting the metallic treatment in contemporary properties across the country.

So metal is edging closer to bathroom domination but what about those of us who would prefer to see organic materials become the preferred option?

Despite believing that porcelain and ceramic would dominate the bathroom for years to come, we are starting to focus on the potential of organic materials such as concrete, wood and resin in an attempt to push their interior design potential to the limit.

There are some truly breathtaking design opportunities on offer with bamboo, teak, and walnut but could it be effectively maintained in a bathroom environment? We could instead decide to pursue the wooden resemblance of ceramic in an attempt to identify a cheaper alternative.

We might be transfixed by the appearance of our bathrooms enough by now to start considering the utility side of things. How can we inject a bit more inspiration into our bathroom to really advertise the future? There are plenty of sleek, modern designs for faucets available but one particular element that seems to have caught the eye in recent times is our shower controls.

Bathroom Design and Innovation

Bathroom Design and Innovation

You can now purchase shower controls that provide luxurious quality and detail alongside ambitious efficiency and opportunity. The standard shower head is on the way out if some of the future designs are to be believed, with any spa bathroom-lovers dreams set to come true thanks to state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods.

If you’re looking for professional input into your bathroom redesign, get in touch with Christopher James Bathrooms. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke contemporary wet-room, stylish and practical family bathrooms or traditional designs, a specialist bathroom designer can create and design a bathroom that offers so much more than simple functionality.