The Best Tips to Choose Boxes for Moving House

If one is thinking of shifting from old house to a new house, there is a need of moving boxes in order to pack household goods. Moving boxes are of same sizes and shapes as of regular shipping boxes. The boxes which are sturdier and made of cardboard are very helpful in packing heavier goods like appliances. Most of the people also buy cartons from the super markets to pack the household items. The most sensible situation is to use both cartons as well as moving boxes also while looking at the aspect of cost and need.

Boxes for Moving House

Boxes for Moving House

5 Points to be kept in mind before purchasing moving boxes:

It would make complete sense to follow the tips mentioned below before purchasing the moving boxes.

#1. It is highly advisable to purchase lighter boxes. One of the basic rules is that no box should weight more than 50 pounds. The boxes need to be moved from one room to another. Therefore, they should be lighter in weight. However, electronic boxes or wardrobe would be heavier but the let most of them is primarily light.

#2. These are the types of boxes which one usually finds:

• There are boxes which are 1.5 cubic foot boxes for moving house can usually carry up to 60 pounds. They work tremendous for dishes, shades, lamps, kitchen items among others.

• A 3.0 cubic foot box is wonderful for electronics, pots and pans, clothing among others.
• A 4.5 cubic foot is spacious and works well for linens, lamps and large appliances of the kitchen.
• 6 cubic foot boxes for moving house can carry almost 70 pounds. The boxes should not be over stuff as it will become heavy. Thus chair cushions, large blankets, toys and pillows are ideal for these boxes.
• The 6.1 cubic foot box is tremendous for items which do not fit in the smaller boxes. Some of the items which could be put in these boxes for moving house could be cushions, comforters, blankets among others.

Moving Box

Moving Box

#3. One can choose wardrobe boxes also which are also available in three sizes: small medium and large. It has a metal bar which can be used to hang in a cupboard. These boxes are heavy and work out to be rather expensive thus keeping clothes flat might be more worthwhile. However several people who are shifting usually take precious things like chandeliers or more fragile wind chimes in these.

#4. Boxes for moving houses also include lay down wardrobe boxes which looks like one a dresser drawer. Clothes which need to be folded only once can be used in these boxes. However, these boxes cannot withstand with tremendous weight. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while loading the material into it. One category of boxes for moving houses which includes that of mirror or picture boxes. These boxes needs to be taped from all the sides in order to secure them as it contains mirrors and framed pictures. Dish packs are a boon when it comes to carrying wine and liquor bottles, glasses and other such items. However one needs to be cautious of the weight in this case especially since over packing can lead to shattering of glasses.

#5. Mattress boxes are useful for boxes for moving house since it can help your mattress being stored without getting spoilt. There are several sizes which one can get in this case also.