The Benefits of Installing Split Air Conditioning

If you are not familiar with the different types of air conditioning, when it comes to installing the ideal unit for your home it can be difficult to choose. Split air conditioning is one of the more popular options in the marketplace and we are going to explore the benefits of installing split air conditioning in your home or office.

Installing Split Air Conditioning Unit

Installing Split Air Conditioning Unit

What is Split Air Conditioning?

Unlike noisy window mounted air con, split air conditioners have their compressors located outside with the cooling unit inside. They are connected by electrical wires and copper pipes that transport the cool air into your home. They don’t need to have a window or large hole in the wall to be installed.

Why Buy Split Air

1. Energy efficiency for reduced costs – Life is expensive and we are always looking at ways of reducing ongoing expenditure and energy efficient appliances can make a big difference to your monthly expenses. Split air conditioners are more energy efficient than units that utilise ducts. They don’t lose energy when used and are particularly efficient in rooms that lack ventilation.

2. Lack of disruption during installation – No messy duct installation is needed for split air conditioning systems. Only small holes are required to connect the copper pipe and the wiring between the external condenser and the internal cooling unit. They can be up to 100 feet away from each other so any installation is flexible as well as easy.

3. Quiet to run – Check any split air conditioning unit before you buy it but in general, they are quiet to run. It is the condenser fan that is the noisiest part and this is located outside. Unlike window-mounted units that keep you awake on a hot night, split air conditioners help you get a great nights rest.

4. Flexible configurations for efficiency – Different rooms can have their own units installed so you only use what you need. Thermostats can be used in each area of the home or office to ensure even temperatures even in the hottest spots.

Split Air Conditioning Unit

Split Air Conditioning Unit

5. Easy to clean – Split air conditioners have filters that can be regularly cleaned instead of replaced every few months.

6. Combine heating & cooling – Many split air conditioning units have the capacity to heat your home as well. This saves you needing to purchase a separate heating system for climate comfort in every season.

7. Air purification – Choose a unit that cleans the air while it works. Help to keep the air in your home free of illness causing dust and allergens. Make sure that the air in your home is comfortable for you and your family to breathe.

Choosing the Right System for your Home

Split Air Conditioners have various features depending on how much you are looking at spending. First decide on what you need for your home. Take into consideration your local climate, your house insulation and the outstanding hotspots.

Remember that the size of the air conditioner needed for a space also depends on the area that needs cooling.