Split System 101: How It Cools Down Your Home During Hot Summers

Due to the vastness of the Australian continent, we experience a wide range of climates. While predominantly temperate, the weather in the northern states usually contrasts with that of the south, as the former enjoys warmer and sunnier climes than the latter, which is known for harsher and colder winters. Even so, the weather in Australia is very variable and erratic because it is one of the countries in the world that is most affected by climate change.

And, if you are residing in one of the more densely populated cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you probably couldn’t agree more with this fact. Temperature in the summer, for instance, can reach unbearably high numbers. Most residents can’t live without residential cooling systems anymore (gone are the days when sleep-outs proved to be a viable solution to this). The same can be said once winter sets in. Thus, installing split system residential air-conditioning in your homes becomes all the more necessary.

Split System Air Conditioning System

Split System Air Conditioning System

Split system air-conditioning is perfect for Australian weather because it maintains the temperature of your home at levels that allow for easier living conditions. Whether you are facing a blistering hot summer or a very frigid winter, a split system air-conditioning system accordingly warms your home up or cools it down, making life in such see-sawing weather conditions less taxing for you and your family.

The split system is called as such because of its two main air-conditioning parts – the compressor and the coil – are split; the former is placed outdoors while the latter is placed indoors. For efficient functioning, though, the two are installed in close proximity to each other. Additionally, split systems are usually equipped with a built-in thermostat, which it uses to gauge room temperature. Once it is has been properly set up, it can automatically maintain the temperature of your entire home, based on the input settings.

This is made possible by the two said components, as well as an air handler that is connected to the air ducts which distribute the cooled or heated air through one or more rooms. Most units contain an air filter, as well, which proves to be very efficient in trapping allergens and other microscopic undesirables.

Heating and Cooling System

Heating and Cooling System

It is very similar to how a standard air-conditioner works. The system’s built-in fans engage and pull the hot air from your home using its return ducts. It enters the evaporator coil, which is composed of cold piping that serves to absorb the heat from the pulled air, causing it to become dehumidified and cooled. This conditioned air is then pushed to the air ducts through the air handler, thereby, cooling the room. It repeats this function until the desired room temperature is reached.

As you can see, split systems are a great way to get you through the oppressive heat that most Australian summers are sure to bring. It’s very efficient because it doesn’t require much manual operation and intervention, and very economic because it can fulfil the functions of what is normally done by two separate gadgets.

Many split system units are also energy saving and have none of the noise that average window-type air conditioners tend to make. Indeed, it is these factors alone that prove split systems are more compatible for modern living in Australia because with this type of air conditioning system, you can just sit back and let your home regulate its own temperature.

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