Soccer Team Merchandising – An Emerging Home Decor Trend

What can you say about professional sports teams? Do they provide us with a great deal of adrenaline-fueled entertainment, breaking up the monotony of our daily lives? Do they help us relive our own days of athletic glory, long since past? Do they make us feel like champions – at least vicariously? Are they becoming merchandised-driven organizations, capable of generating baffling sums of money on all sorts of team branded products?

While the answer to each and every one of these questions is a resounding yes, one might conclude that the final statement is more cynical than the rest – and while that may be the impression given to the casual reader, that certainly is not my intent.

Sports Themed Wall

Sports Themed Wall

The fact of the matter is, team merchandising is an integral part of any major sports organization, whether it’s aim is to generate income in order to remain competitive in attracting top talent, or simply to grow the brand (domestically or globally as the case may be) one thing is certain: the absence of team marketing would mean sports as we know it would be very different indeed.

Sports Commercial Revenue Is Really Nothing To Sneeze At

There was a time when teams relied on gate sales to be their primary source of revenue, but that is certainly no longer the case; fans from all walks of life can find their team’s crest emblazoned on just about any household product imaginable – from slippers and coasters, to dishrags and toothbrushes. If it’s big enough for a logo, chances are it’s been given the green light to hit the shelves.


Not entirely sure what message this item is sending.

Eat your team? Enjoy burnt toast?

Household Product

Can’t really say this is a must have either.

The above may be good products in their own right, but they aren’t exactly the type of sports memorabilia you would proudly have on display in say, your “man cave” (or anywhere for that matter).

The Man Cave: A Bastion of Sports Memorabilia

While the man cave is traditionally known as a refuge for a great many men – it has evolved over time to become a place of sports worship. Venture inside and you’ll undoubtedly find your share of bobbleheads and posters – but such things don’t exactly elevate the décor of the room. What’s worse, sports memorabilia as a whole is generally relegated to the sports room only and, sadly, cannot be found anywhere else throughout the home (generally because such things don’t exactly mesh with the rest of the home’s décor). Just because most things related to sport can be deemed “tasteless”, doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there looking to broaden the appeal of sports décor.

Soccer Team Tiles – Suitable for More Than You’d Think

When looking at soccer team themed tiles it might seem silly to associate them with the word “art” – but in all fairness, seeing the words “Manchester United” emblazoned across a ceramic tile ensconced within a dark, wooden frame, and the word “art” all of a sudden seems a lot closer to the mark than “sports memorabilia”.

Soccer Team Tiles

Part of what elevates these soccer tiles over your run-of-the-mill sports memorabilia is their simple, classic design that does not overwhelm the living space in which they find themselves.

Products like these, which boast a humble size of 6” x 6” are encased in a refined Cherrywood, and make a subtle contribution to any home’s ambiance. I know what you’re thinking – nice, but not exactly high-end décor, right? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

At this point I might have only convinced you that that sports tiles are only suitable for hanging on a wall. You might be surprised to know that there is yet another spot in your home where sports tiles would add splash of unexpected style.

Sport Tiles Add Style to Your Washroom

Yes you heard right. As strange as it might sound at first, ceramic tile companies are teaming up with sports organizations to provide soccer fans with something that, until now, could only be found in a team’s clubhouse.

Sport Tiles Washroom

Sport Tiles Washroom

For the true and ever loyal fan, floor and wall tiles sporting the crests of some of the world’s most recognizable teams are elevating washrooms across the globe are available and can match almost any colour scheme or fixture.