Safety Advantages of Composite Fire Doors

When you’re mulling over what type of doors you should install, you may be surprised to find that there are really quite a number of different options available. From the traditional wood doors, the highly popular uPVC variety, and the more modern composite doors – it can be a bit daunting to realize that there are so many different material choices, let alone style and finishing options.

One consideration that you should definitely factor into whatever decision you make however is the safety advantages that come with composite fire doors. Essentially these are composite doors that are fire rated – which should already let you know a bit about the safety angle.

Modern Composite Fire Door

Modern Composite Fire Door

Safer and More Secure

Unlike other types of doors, composite doors are designed to overcome many of the common weaknesses of wood and uPVC doors. Generally they are far stronger than any other type of door, resistant to warping or twisting, and able to withstand the elements far better too.

The strength of the door is in itself a safety benefit, and will make it that much harder to ‘break’. Where other doors may often yield to a hard kick, a composite door is more likely to stand firm and prevent entry.

On top of that however, composite doors are also able to use more sophisticated locking systems which is why it is fairly normal to find that these doors come with multiple-point locking systems, and in-built dead bolts. Suffice to say this will help make it even more secure and can even turn it into a fairly impenetrable entrance point for any intruders.

Because composite fire doors are fire rated they are also able to withstand heat – sometimes up to 6 times that of what wooden doors are capable of. In case of a fire these doors will be able to keep it contained for quite some time – enough for you to save some of your valuables and get out safely.

Composite Front Door

Composite Front Door

Make no mistake, a composite door alone is not going to be enough to keep a fire at bay indefinitely and eventually the fire will start to burn other parts of the building. What a fire door can do however is provide you those few valuable minutes that could make all the difference.

In short composite front doors UK are key to making sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible. While they may cost a bit more than other options, there is really no price when it comes to the safety and security of your household.

It is also worth noting that composite doors are great at improving energy efficiency. Because they are well-insulated they keep in heat better, and since they don’t warp or twist they aren’t going to eventually end up allowing a draft in the way that many wooden doors often do.

Long story short, both old and new homes could be safer, more secure and also that much more energy efficient with the help of a solid composite door standing at its threshold.