Pool Covers 101 – The Ultimate Guide

The proper protection is essential for your swimming pool, as it plays a major role in maintaining the cleanliness of the water and the structure’s overall condition. This where a pool cover comes in handy – they are designed to be both durable and long lasting, as well as to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. If you don’t have adequate protection, it is likely that your water won’t be an overly pleasant place to swim.

There are, essentially, three types of cover that you can choose from for your own home and we have outlined these below:

• Winter

This type of pool cover is used primarily for the winterizing process, which is undertaken to protect the area from winter hazards that could potentially destroy it. These sorts of structures are made from thick polyethylene material, which is durable enough to prevent dirt, snow and other solid particles from penetrating it. These covers are useful in preventing the occurrence of ‘pool freeze’ – the freezing of water due to cold weather, which can cause damage to pipes.

Pool Covers

Pool Covers

• Safety

This type of cover is used primarily for safety purposes around the swimming pool area. Unfortunately, accidents are common these days due to the lack of safety precautions taken when swimming; this can lead to injuries or even death. It is necessary to use these structures when the area is not in use, as this will prevent children and even pets from gaining access. They are made out of heavy-duty materials that can carry the weight of a normal individual.

• Solar

This type of cover is used primarily for heating water in the swimming pool, making the experience much more comfortable. They are made out of high-end polyurethane materials that contain thermal bubbles and negate the need for a pool heater. The structure will absorb the heat of the sun and covert it into heat energy that is then trapped in the water, making it much more pleasant. These covers can cut down on the costs of energy usage and are environmentally friendly.

• Combination

Instead of purchasing three different structures to perform each of the necessary functions – winterisation, safety and heat – why not purchase one pool cover that is able to do it all? These structures are comprised out of durable materials, including aluminium and polycarbonate, which are able to withstand extreme weather conditions whilst protecting the water and the people around it. They are also able to help the space below to feel much warmer and more comfortable.

In this guide, we hope that we have introduced you to many of the different pool covers that are currently on the market. We also hope that we have convinced you to opt for a structure that will perform all three functions; this will not only save you money, it will ensure that your backyard isn’t cluttered up with an array of covers. Light and Space are able to provide you with a product that does just this, so please contact us today.