Points to Consider Before Buying a Cast Iron Radiator

Iron has many wonders in applications. From heavy industry to home utilities, iron has been the preferred choice for quite some time due to its relatively unlimited availability as well as ease of construction. For those living in cold climates, staying warm is essential during many months of the year. Traditionally, fireplaces were put in use (and still are); however radiators now play an essential role in keeping one’s home in a good state of warmth. As time progresses, newer designs come into play and many choices can be had that fit almost any budget.

Cast Iron Radiator

Cast Iron Radiator

Regardless of the choices one makes towards purchasing a radiator, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a cast iron radiator.

The Cast Iron Radiator

The cast iron radiator is the perfect example of a radiator’s simplistic design. It can be purchased almost anywhere and is relatively easy to install. However, modernisation also allows for the blending of art to create a sense of fashion for many home owners. Vintage designs such as the Chatsworth-4, Chatsworth-6 and Belvoir will sweeten up any home’s look and feel if one wishes to add this aesthetic approach in keeping their houses warm.

Cast Iron Radiator Factory is just one of the reputable suppliers that provide an excellent range of cast iron radiators each built from quality parts available in Europe. The cast iron radiators that the company supplies come with a 10 year guarantee and buyers can rest at ease that their products will last for quite a long period of time. You can check their site at Castironradiatorfactory.com to see what other types of radiators they have.

Factors To Consider

When deciding on buying a radiator, there are several points of interest to look into before making a purchase. Whether it be a simple cast iron radiator or an artistic Edwardian styled radiator, buyers should be aware of the specific points when spending their money on purchase. Since the prices vary depending on their style or a home owner’s preference, points to consider amongst others are:

4 Column Radiator

4 Column Radiator

• the radiator(s) provide sufficient BTUs [heat output]
• try to avoid buying second hand radiators (especially without warranty)

• any purchase made on radiators includes installation by the seller
• ease of installation (if manually installed by the home owner)
• consideration as to where the radiators might be installed in the user’s home
• in lieu with the point above, the size of the radiator and that it fits in the desired position
• choices of other materials besides cast iron such as aluminium (cast iron heats up longer but also maintains the heat longer after switching off)
• options of colour if desired as well as their finish
• Possibilities in compliance with TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves)
• Possibilities for any upgrades or modifications (panel additions)
• Duration before any maintenance periods


Once we know the ins and outs of purchasing a radiator, we can rest at ease knowing that whichever choice we make will certainly be worth our money. By being a smart buyer, customers do not have to fear the potential downfalls of purchasing a radiator. Since cast iron radiators are generally reliable, they can last for a very long time (as with most things made of iron).

With proper maintenance after purchase, any home owner can avoid future repairs with a routine check up on their radiators. As always, suppliers should always be willing to provide any insights towards the products they sell. As for the insights before choosing a radiator, it all goes back to common sense.