Parquet Solid Wood Flooring: The Right Choice

Parquet solid wood flooring has a timeless beauty that can never be outdated from the fashion point of view. The different styles and colours available are based on the very fact that the flooring is versatile and unique.

When you install original parquet flooring, you must, first of all, check the moisture level of the sub-floor. The moisture level must be below 5%. Parquet solid wood flooring must be laid on levelled surfaces. An unlevelled floor means there will be gaps in the flooring. For gluing the parquet flooring, you must use bicthem based glue like f21. Another option issika which is modern glue. Sika is a more preferred option.

Bitchem is used most commonly by fitters on old floors because they react with the existing bitching that has been set. The cost of sika which is an ms polymer is thrice that of the original cost. The same work is done by both of them. You must ensure that there are no gaps when the floor is being laid. Irrespective of the presence of gaps, the floor will be filled with fillers. The fillers consist of resin and sawdust from the floor that was sanded.

Once flooring is done, the sand floor is laid in 50-60 grit for new blocks and for reclaimed floors in 18-36 grit. Resin and saw dust is mixed together and it is filled twice on the floor. The floor is once again filled with sand with grits, going up every time. The final grit laid is 120. The room and the floor are cleaned to make sure all the dust is up. The floor is then tacked with a tack cloth to ensure that all the dust is up. Once this is done, primer is rolled on. Wait for a few hours to dry in and then roll out laquer. Leave it overnight for curing and drying. Scrim the floor using a fine grit sand paper, clean it properly and tack again. Apply a final coat of laquer. You must apply many coats. The more coats you apply, the more time the finish lasts. For an in-depth and finer finish, you must apply as much as seven coats.

There are many options in parquet solid wood flooring to fit your taste, style and interiors. Manufacturers make high standard parquet flooring blocks that have joints which tightly interlock on all edges. Parquet solid wood flooring is available in different species like Oak, Prime Oak, Rustic Oak, European Oak, Merbau, Walnut, Maple, Rhodesian Teak, Iroko.