Moving House Versus Remodeling: The Ultimate Showdown

Moving versus remodeling: it is the question that many homeowners ask themselves from time to time. For many, the answer is obvious. For others, they are unsure as to where they want to be. There are many things to consider when you are deciding upon moving or remodeling. The costs that are associated with both of these endeavours can play an enormous part. Family life is also something that many take into consideration. There is also the issue of whether is room to expand your current home.

In short, this is a difficult judgment call. But, if you are aware of the pros and cons of moving and remodeling, you can make a sound and rational decision.

Moving House

Moving House


Moving house can be an exciting time. For others, it is an expensive waste of time. However, if your home cannot be expanded any further you may have to move. Many homes in 2014 are now built to capacity. This means that they have all of the space that they need. This can make it difficult to remodel homes. Small conversions can be made in attics and conservatories. But, for many people this space is simply not enough. With this in mind, many Britons are eager to sell property in Exeter St Thomas with Fulfords. This is because their homes are no longer fit for purpose.

Moving home is an expensive way to ensure that you have more space. But, the opportunity to start afresh is often part of the appeal for many people.

If you are living in a less than desirable area, moving to a more affluent postcode is appealing. Some people need a change of pace. If you have always lived in the city, there comes a point where this kind of lifestyle begins to get too much. Factors in life change. Our needs change. With this in mind, it becomes apparent that moving is the only solution. People don’t just crave more or less space within their homes. Sometimes, a change is just what is needed.

Remodeling Home - Kitchen

Remodeling Home – Kitchen


The costs associated with remodeling can be high. But, it depends on what room is choosing to remodel. Are you going to be taking out walls? Are you adding extra space with conservatories and extensions? You should think carefully about what you want from your current home. Is it fit for purpose? Can your family thrive and prosper within your current home?

For many, they do not want to leave the house that they are currently in. This may be due to a number of factors. Typically, people choose to remodel as opposed to moving because:

• The geographical area that they are in is affluent

• There are good schools within their current area

• Resale is not viable in the current market

If these factors apply to you, it may be time to remodel your home. One of the best things about remodeling your home is that you see a return on investment. Moving homes may be a costly endeavor, but simple things such as a renovated kitchen, new flooring or a roof can make staying a much more financially sound option. Companies like the Woodlands Roofing can even help with exterior cosmetic changes which could help turn your home into a stronger financial investment down the road. Moving house is costly. What is more, there is no cash back for this endeavour. It is a pure cost that cannot be recouped.