Modern Living in California !

California , The most populous U.S. state & one of the favorite living paradise for everyone . Living there is not that easy because of high end living cost. Dreaming a big house there is easy but in practical its very difficult . A luxury house there can cost around $20 Million to $30 Million. Today, I am gonna discuss one such living paradise where everyone would like to spend at least one minute of life before death . Yeah , that place is called Bel Air Residence.

As you can see in the pictures, this house it very well constructed and having lots of bigger rooms, The good thing about this house it that you see the symmetry in design. High grade Aluminium windows and white color of walls enhance the beauty of this master piece.

A swimming pool is designed in such a way that its shade throw a bluish light on front windows. California contains lots of small and large hills and you mostly see houses constructed on small hills. This house is one of them which is an example of a great design.