Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your House

Designing or remodelling your house is a big deal. You may think it’s as easy as finding some ideas on Pinterest and making it happen, but there’s a whole lot more involved in it than that. Yes, Pinterest can be part of the process, but you shouldn’t start there.

And there are tons of mistakes that first-time home designers make in the design and building process. Below, we’re going to take you through the most common mistakes that you’ve got to avoid at all costs when designing your house.

Design Your House

Design Your House

From new window film to new doors to a whole new house, these tips are universal and should be kept in mind at each stage of the process.

Mistake #1: You Don’t Prepare Enough

Preparation is key to designing your house in the best possible way. It’s like studying for a test back in school – if you didn’t study enough, you simply weren’t going to do well. Unless you’re a genius, but let’s go under the assumption you’re not Einstein.

You’ll want to start with your budget and prepare everything off of that. Work with your contractor to set a specific timeline and other specifications before you get started so everyone is on the same page. And make sure this is all in writing so it’s easily accessible throughout the process!

Mistake #2: You Buy Your Materials Before You Plan It Out

Never, ever do this! This is the biggest tip you’re going to hear all of the time when you’re researching your designs. You should never buy your materials before everything is measured and everything is planned out.

You don’t want to end up with appliances or other materials that are too big or too small for your house. That’s just going to lead to tons of wasted money and frustrating times for you and your contractor.

House Interior Design

House Interior Design

Mistake #3: You Ignore the Big Issues You Uncover

This is something that should be covered in your initial budget. Especially if you’re renovating an older house that’s been passed along from many families, there’s most likely going to be some hidden issues that pop up in the electricity, plumbing, or overall structure of the house. And if you just glaze over these problems, it’s going to be a huge headache (and more expensive!) in the future.

Have these hidden renovation costs covered in your budget and work with the necessary specialists to get them fixed before you move on in the construction process.

Mistake #4: You Cut Corners to Get Done Faster

Never cut corners to get the job done more quickly. Why would you want to risk running into bigger problems in the future because you used low quality materials and less-than-qualified specialists? Your house is going to be your sanctuary and should be treated as such.

That’s why you should strive to choose the best materials for your budget and only hire those specialists who know what they’re doing.

Modern House Design

Modern House Design

Mistake #5: You Want to DIY Every Single Thing

Yes, we all love Pinterest and coming up with creative ideas of how to DIY our entire home. However, there are just some things that shouldn’t be done by yourself and instead, should be done by a qualified technician. For example, installing cabinets in your kitchen shouldn’t be something that you take on by yourself because of the complexity of the process. Your future home value is going to thank you when you stick with doing the bookcases by yourself and letting the experts handle the more intensive construction processes.

And there you have it. You now know the most common mistakes you’ll come across when you’re designing your house. Keep these in mind from start to finish of the design process and eventually, you’ll have a dream home you love.