Making Your Home Look Stunning From The Outside

Every day we walk up to our homes and see them for what they look like with our own eyes. But, because of how often we do this, we can become blind to what is truly there.

Guests, however, will notice. So will others.

Poor curbside appeal is a nightmare for homes. It means that the house looks less attractive to guests and yourself. It might make it a greater target for burglars. And, if you try to sell in the future, it might drastically reduce the list price.

This is why improving the curbside appeal of your property is so important. With this in mind, let’s discuss a number of ways you can make positive improvements.

Home Outside Design

Home Outside Design

Firstly, what is at the front of your house? Perhaps you step straight from the street into the front door. If this is the case, skip to the next paragraph. If you have a drive, however, ask yourself; is it cracked and worn? If so, repave. Or, if you have a garden, is it in tip-top condition? Trim the hedges and do the weeding. Consider adding spot-lighting into the grass. There are 20 more great DIY ideas here. Don’t forget any gates too. Rusty gates are unattractive and fingers can get cut on them. This video shows how gates can be fixed yourself if replacing them is not an option.

Window boxes are one solution that is great for every home, no matter how close to the curb it is. There are lots of ingenious ways you can fix them up safely and securely. Do be aware that they will need a bit of maintenance, because dead flowers and rusty boxes are just as unappealing as nothing at all! But you’ll be able to pick up plants and flowers from them easily and cheaply from your local supermarket or grocery store. Go for bright colours, like yellow and orange. In the darker months, consider stringing them with solar-powered fairy lights for a wintery touch.

Home Exterior Design

Home Exterior Design

Next up, look at the windows you’ve just attached your boxes too. Are they spotless? If not, give them a good wash. Window exteriors are exposed to the elements every day and can quickly build up with dirt and grime. You could even hire a professional window cleaner to come around every fortnight and maintain them properly for you.

Now, the next point will need budget and patience. However, upgrading your roof is an ideal way of improving the entire look of your home. Firstly, it gives the entire property a facelift. Secondly, it can improve the safety of your home. If water leaks through a roof, it can cause all sorts of problems that are costly and complex to fix.

Finally, once all this is done, look at lighting. Can both yourself and any guests walk down your drive or garden and see where they are going, even when it’s dark? If you aren’t blessed with a street light outside, install a sensor-operated light yourself. Fix it outside your front door for the perfect welcome home.