Looking After your Central Heating System

Many people pay little attention to their central heating system until it starts to not work properly. The cost of regular maintenance is far outweighed by the cost of repairing or replacing your entire heating system. In order to reduce your electricity bills and make your home more energy efficient, you will need to look after your heating system and maintain it regularly.

Regular Checks by Qualified Technicians

It is extremely important that any work that is carried out on your boiler and heating system is only done by a qualified professional. Messing about with a boiler, whether it is gas or electric, is not something you should ever do as it can be very dangerous. You will want to have your boiler checked regularly, which could mean twice a year, before and after winter. The technician can make sure that everything is in working order and that it is running efficiently.

It would also be recommended to have the heating system flushed between every 3 to 5 years, maybe more depending on the age of your pipes and heating system. Flushing the system out will get rid of the sludge that builds up, which is predominantly made from rust on the inside of the pipes. When you have your system flushed you will notice that the radiators in your house get warm much quicker, which in turn warms the room up quicker.

Make Central Heating System Last Longer

Make Central Heating System Last Longer

Add a Filter to your Heating System

As well as flushing out your heating system, you can also add a filter to the return pipe which takes the water back to your boiler. The filter will help to collect a lot of the sludge that builds up, and preventing it from entering the boiler. By doing this you will help to make sure that you boiler runs more efficiently. You will also need to make sure that when you get your boiler serviced, that you also have the technician clean the filter as well. When you add a filter you are not going to prevent the sludge from building up completely, but it will help to make your system run more efficiently, for longer.

Take Care of your Radiators

If you are new with radiators and you just purchased your own among the many vertical column radiators from The Radiator Factory, you will need to learn how to maintain it so it lasts through the years. Looking after your radiators is quite simple, and does not take a lot of time, effort, or money. Make sure that when you paint your room, you do not paint your radiator every time also, as this will reduce the efficiency of the radiators. Instead, try giving it a good scrub with a cleaning pad and use some detergent.

Central Heating System

Central Heating System

You will want to make sure that you bleed your radiators regularly, and a sign that there is air in the system is the top of the radiator not being as hot as the bottom. Use a radiator key and turn it anti-clockwise slowly, until you hear a hiss. Have a cloth handy and when the hissing stops expect water to start coming out, so close the valve and use the cloth to soak up any water. Experts at Radiator Factory also recommend adding reflectors to the back of your radiators as this will help increase the efficiency. A radiator usually gives off heat evenly over its surface, which means a lot of heat gets sent to the wall. A reflector will reflect the heat back out into the room, allowing he room to heat up quicker.

With a bit of time, and a little bit of money, you can make sure your heating system is running efficiently in time for the cold winter months. Spending a little money in taking care of your heating system, can save you having to spend a lot of money to replace it in the future!