Lockwood Locks – Getting Best Locks for Your Home

Locks and keys have always been indispensable to modern human life. Locks form a basic aspect of human requirement for security and have evolved with time to be better and more functional. Today, locks are required for every part of the residence and even cars. Garage, an essential part of the home, houses your car but is often ignored. And this leaves the door literally open to intruders and thieves who are getting smarter to even deal with technologically advanced locks and security systems. Being one step ahead is the only solution that you have. Lockwood is a leading Australian brand of locks that you can choose for all your lock requirements.

ASSA ABLOY - Brand of Locks

ASSA ABLOY – Brand of Locks

Lockwood Locks – An Overview

Lockwood is a reputed brand in the locking industry of Australia. It offers a wide range of locking solutions to commercial buildings, industrial buildings and residential homes. The customers for its products include locksmiths, architects, retailers and even security personnel among others. Lockwood has been set up by ASSA ABLOY which runs over 150 companies across the globe.

Products Offered by Lockwood

The various products offered by Lockwood include:

• Sliding Door Locks

• Window Locks

• Mortice Locks

• Camlocks

• Cupboard Locks

• Padlocks

• Hinged Door Locks

Advanced Locks

Advanced Locks

• Panic Exit Devices

• Door Closers

• Door handles

• Keying platforms

• Safes

• Outdoor security

• Security and screen door hardware

• Electromechanical solutions

Many business organizations and private homes opt for the locking solutions provided by Lockwood. The products offered by Lockwood are erupted for their quality and for being extremely user-friendly.

How to Get Locks from Lockwood?

You can get in touch with your local stockiest to find out whether your preferred Lockwood lock is available. Not every distributor can be expected to stock the entire range of products offered by Lockwood. The official website of Lockwood has a store locator where you have to submit your zip code, name of state and suburb among other things to locate hardware and retail stores in Australia and New Zealand. The feature is available only for residents in Australia and New Zealand. Residents of other countries can check out shopping websites like eBay to get Lockwood products at great deals. With coupon codes, you can get further discounts on your purchases and get your preferred lock at a more reduced price.

Shopping websites such as eBay are known for their great products, excellent delivery and terrific packages. However, when you order an item from any web store it is better that you check the product quality absolutely well during the time of delivery. This will help you make sure that you are not settling for a defective piece of equipment and will not have to suffer from waiting for replacements or settle with the impaired product.

Lockwood Products

Lockwood Products

Should you opt for Locks from Lockwood?

The great thing about the Lockwood locks is not only the quality of the products but the extensive distribution and terrific support even after sale. The entire range of products offered by Lockwood is excellent for every part of your home or organization. The products make use of state-of-the-art technology that makes it difficult for thieves and intruders to break or bypass them. Unlike normal locks, these are highly advanced systems that can only be opened by professionals or those with knowledge. Even when you are out of home, the loud sound that would be caused in possible attempts to break such locks can wake up neighbors and foil any plans of intrusion. Whether for your home or garage, the products from Lockwood would be an ideal solution. The locks and security equipment from the brand are easy to install and get started with.

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