Kitchen Fittings / Kitchen Planning

When you are planning to rebuild or renovate your kitchen, it is important to make an appropriate planning. Write a list of what your wishes for your new kitchen, start from the kitchen you have to see the layout and the space you have to work with. There are many different styles of cuisine, so order catalogs from different suppliers to make sure that you get a kitchen in the right style at the right price.

Make a drawing of the kitchen where you have the exact measurements of length, width and height. Draw and measure was sewage, radiators and fan duct is located. Decide what form the kitchen should have: straight, U-shape, kitchen island or bar kitchen. What would you have for appliances? There are a variety of different design and functions of the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, fan and dishwasher. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Remember to create work and contact surfaces in your kitchen. Many choose tops in materials other than stainless steel, it is eg laminated wood, solid wood and natural stone. These materials may cost some, but it gives a completely different feel than the cold steel. Cabinets and cupboards are available in different shapes and colors, a tip is to let the cupboards go up to the ceiling, they can hold more and are easier to clean.

It is important to have good lighting in the kitchen, one good idea is to have recessed spots in the kitchen cupboards. Dimmer is also good in the kitchen to create a soothing mood lighting.

The working height of a kitchen is usually around 90cm, and height of work bench and cupboards will usually be around 50cm. Remember to plan drawers and doors so that they can be fully opened without hitting against a wall, handle or window ledge.