Intelligent Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom And Make It Look More Spacious

If you have just bought a new home in order to get a foot on the housing ladder, you might find that the bathroom within it is tiny. Starter homes often do not have much land, so designers make sacrifices within the building. It is better that the property should have large bedrooms since you spend more of your time there.

If your bathroom appears cramped and oppressive; there are steps you can take to make it appear bigger than it really is. It needn’t cost a fortune either, so if you are looking for a project to undertake, concentrate your efforts here.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The Suite

Many people these days never take a bath. I don’t mean they are filthy; it is just that they prefer to take a shower instead. Indeed, some homes now feature a shower cubicle instead of a bath. The bathtub is the biggest item of furniture in the room, but there is little point in owning one if you never use it. Would you consider removing it and installing a single shower cubicle instead? If you did so it would free up some valuable space that you can use for dressing, etc. Another alternative is to bring in an undersized bathroom suite. Visit your local showrooms and see what is on offer; you might be pleasantly surprised. A common mistake is to fit a large vanity unit with storage cupboard. Replace yours with an attractive sink and pedestal instead; they look sleek and take up less space.


Use glass in the bathroom wherever you can. You will see that the best hotels use glass shelving and shower screen instead of a curtain. Because you can see through it, it does not interrupt your view in the room. You must keep it sparkling clean at all times.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas


The bathroom lighting might be inadequate; perhaps with only a central light fitting. It is obvious that a bright room will appear larger than a dimly lit room of comparable size; install extra fittings. Think about some ultra-bright recessed LED fittings in the ceiling and shower cubicle. You will find solutions for almost every location online.

Magical Mirrors

You can make the room look twice as big as it is by installing a large mirror on one wall. It is best if it is above the sink. Find a glazier who will cut one to your measurements and drill holes in it so you can fix it to the wall with screws. It is likely to be expensive, but the instant impact of the mirror makes the expense worthwhile.

Bathroom Fabulous Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Fabulous Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


It is essential that the walls are bright and clean. Small rooms benefit from white or cream tiles on the walls and floor. Use large tiles that do not have intricate patterns on them for best effect. Replacing the tiles in the room is not a pleasant job, but it is necessary if you are to achieve your goal.

My final piece of advice is to keep the room clutter-free at all times. Your grooming products should be kept out of sight in another room if necessary; a cluttered room is often oppressive.

That wasn’t so bad was it? Make a start on your bathroom today and achieve great things. You can do anything to which you set your mind.