Incredible Ideas For Your Landscaping Project

For many of us, landscaping is about creating that perfect view from the sitting room window. But it is so much more than that. If you’re about to start a landscaping project, take some time to consider the building it surrounds. You are creating the setting for your property. Your designs should suit the style and aesthetic of the house. The architecture of the property should inspire and naturally sit in the surrounding land.

Perfect Landscaping - View from Room

Perfect Landscaping – View from Room

Sculpting the lawn areas may be something you consider while stood in the house looking out. Why not take yourself to the property boundary and visualise the shape while looking back at the house? Create curves and lines that lead toward the house rather than just away from it. How does your home meet the street or the neighbour properties? Can your landscaping help the house merge better into the surrounding area?

Driveways are the main path back to the street. They don’t need to be straight lines or even symmetrical. You may want to consider the design of the garage and gate, though. These are large structures with lots of height. Can they fit neatly in with the surrounding land? Colour could be important here too. Planting that helps your garage door and gate melt into the landscape would be ideal. Maybe start with taller plants and then step them back down to lawn level.

Garage Door And Gate Melt Into The Landscape

Garage Door And Gate Melt Into The Landscape

Your landscaping designs may also be important for framing the house. Perhaps you have hedges or shrubs that frame the doors or the windows? Borders for the paths and driveway can be very attractive, especially in the summer months. Be careful not to overwhelm or ‘drown’ your house. A building can look like it is almost sinking when shrubs are too prominent in front of it.

Porch areas are great for climbers. Roses and wisteria frame the door beautifully and can use the porch canopy for support when they reach full height. However, wisteria and some other climbers like ivy can penetrate the grouting of your brick work. This can be quite destructive. Careful maintenance and supporting trellis are required to avoid this kind of damage.

Landscaping Design

Landscaping Design

Do you prefer brick walls, railing, or fencing for your perimeters? Sometimes a mix can be very attractive. It may depend on the height. Some people prefer just a few shrubs or a hedge border to the boundary. This can be quite a challenge to maintain. You may also face legal action if it is neglected and a pedestrian is injured. The colour of the building may help you decide which is best. Of course, if it is rendered, you can paint your property any colour you like.

Setting your property in attractive surroundings can add significant value to your home. It can also provide a beautiful view from both the street and your living room. Consider the amount of maintenance you can reasonably do during the course of the year. If you’re busy, you may prefer a design that needs only a little attention. Enjoy your beautiful home.