Important Features to Look for in Your New Blender

Since there is no limit with choices like models and types, looking for the best blender for your kitchen is very complex job. There are different models and types of blenders that may be right for you or not. Before looking for right type of blender, make sure to consider your purpose.


Stand or Counter Blenders – With standalone design, these common blenders come with a jar or jug for food blending. It comes in small or compact size and on 48 oz. capacity. You can blend dressings, sauces, pancake batter, puddings, frozen drinks and smoothies. It is ideal for ice crushing and it is more functional. It is basically more expensive as compared to hand blenders.

Hand or Stick Blenders – They usually come in cordless models and they are very handy to blend small batches and make purees. They have chopping accessories for single hand operation. They are more portable and easier to use. But they should be cleaned with care and they have limited function.

Types of Blenders

Types of Blenders


Based on what you are going to do with blender, here are the basic and important features of blenders you need to consider.


If you want blender to blend dressings, sauces, and dessert mixes, then 300 watt is sufficient power for your blending needs. But if you need to blend ice on drinks, then you can extend to 500 watts of blender. In a blender, always look for these things

• Blade assembly

• Counter blender with about 3 speeds

• An ice crushing blend to crush or blend ice in drinks and smoothies

• Pulse operation

• Direct drive operation

Personal Blender

Personal Blender

Blender Whistles and Bells

When buying personal blenders, you should always look for design that accommodates drinking directly from the jug. For hand blenders, you will get several chopping accessories. For mix, blend, puree and liquefy, you will find several speeds with functions of food processing along with multifunctional design. For icy drinks, look for preset function. You may get dispensing spigot. But it is just a different potion to clean. To move in foods better and away from blades, you may get blending enhancements.

What to Avoid?

If you are buying blender only for making smoothies, cancel the plan of buying a hand blender. Instead, look for either a standard size or personal model that comes with a blade to crush ice. If you don’t want to use chopping accessories, don’t buy multifunctional units. It would be better to look for standard, solid jug sized blender.

Best Blender for your Kitchen

Best Blender for your Kitchen

Standard Price Ranges of Blenders

Being a convenient, durable kitchen appliance, a blender is said to be most cost-effective counter tool which provides better value for money. When prices depend according to accessories added and types, a lot of blenders come within $100 and stick blenders can also be found at just $30. But if you want to buy heavy-duty blenders, you will have to spend few hundred dollars if you want to do food processing.

Usage and Instructions for Care

In your kitchen, your blender is said to be an important tool. But most of us use it for limited purposes. It is better to use your creativity, read recipe books and watch blender recipe videos to use this handy tool and get the most of it. Enjoy its versatility and have fun using this appliance without overextending the capability of blender.