Ideas for a Children’s Outdoor Playground Floor

Playground accidents have the effect of nearly two hundred, 000 injuries every year, according to America Consumer Item Safety Fee. The CPSC and also the National Plan for Play ground Safety recommend using certain shock-absorbing materials like a base with regard to playground buildings. These supplies lower the danger of severe injury because of falls along with other playground accidents. Review just about all material choices and specifications to find out which is better for your circumstances.


Loose mulch is actually recommended like a surface with regard to playgrounds. Hard wood mulch, or even wood potato chips, is cost-effective and well suited for large area areas. Rubber mulch is actually another consideration while offering the majority of versatility. It will come in either the nugget or even shredded range, with the selection of several colours. Rubber mulch is 100 % metal-free.

Playground Tiles

Playground Tiles

Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking rubberized or artificial tiles provide continuous, padded protection within the surface part of the playground. The tiles locking mechanism together and also have an inner support structure created to safety specs. They tend to be long-lasting as well as available in a number of colors. Upkeep is reduced, and small repairs could be made along with replacement for filler injections.

Synthetic Poured Surfaces

Synthetic put surfaces tend to be stationary play ground surfaces created using a two-layer program. The bottom layer consists of recycled fatigue buffing that offer the cushioning. The best layer includes rubber granules molded as well as urethane. Synthetic put surfaces have the benefit of being obtainable for baby strollers and wheelchairs. Regions of a play ground that observe heavy make use of, such because those close to swings as well as slides, could be custom-poured with regard to more sturdiness and effect resistance.

Kids Playground with Artificial Grass

Kids Playground with Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial lawn, or grass, was the initial surface of preference for town playgrounds. It offers come quite a distance since it’s first make use of, and right now its design is comparable to that associated with poured areas. The best layer includes mono-filaments using the look as well as texture associated with real grass with no abrasive results. The 2nd layer is full of a combination of sand as well as rubber to lessen the effect of drops. Artificial lawn is low-maintenance as well as doesn’t require water or even chemicals. It’s pest-free as well as quick-drying, permitting maximum play.

Tile Standards

Interlocking tiles type a secure mat below playground equipment when they are the right thickness. Playground tile manufacturers have to meet the actual American Culture for Screening and Supplies (ASTM) 1487 needs for effect testing, based on the National Plan for Play ground Safety. With regard to 4- in order to 6-foot drop heights, the tile ought to be 2. twenty five to two. 50 in . thick. With regard to 8- in order to 10-foot drop heights, the tile ought to be 3. twenty five to 3. seventy five inches heavy.

Kids Playground

Kids Playground


Playground tiles or even mats may become worn, particularly in higher traffic places. See when the tiles really feel springy or even hard as well as worn. Loose fill up material requirements regular raking to prevent areas associated with displacement. Look for some type of barrier round the perimeter from the playground to retain the loose fill up material. Some playgrounds mark the gear supports using the minimum fill up level. Lawn, packed grime or concrete make undesirable surfacing supplies.


Realistically, parents can’t understand how thick the actual loose fill up or tiles actually are. Ways to find out if the playground is actually safe consist of examining the overall condition from the playground. Will it look nicely maintained? The customer Product Security Commission suggests that created maintenance information and incident reports end up being kept. Ask the local town’s Recreational areas and Entertainment Department to determine this information. Areas associated with pooling drinking water or freezing playground areas mean the actual surfacing materials have lost a chance to cushion drops. The wisest strategy is usually supervising play ground activities carefully.