How to Use Plants For Indoor Decoration !

Interior landscaping is one of the creative field where we see thousands of new inputs daily. Decorating home is a mission of every individual but everyone got his own set of metrics and idea’s. Some people try to emphasis on furniture and curtains while some bring new idea’s into the room. Indoor Decoration with the usage of plants is not new technique but the way we are using it now a days is for sure new.

In the picture you can see the decoration of simple plant in the house. It enhances the beauty of the lounge and catch the eyes of visitors. Sofa’s are in white color and orange color flowers attract the eyes and look beautiful in combination.

This Green plant shatter natural look in the room. It looks like you are sitting in your garden and not at your office or bedroom. Green color always refreshes the mind and give your eyes energy. This combination is used widely now a days.