How To Unpack And Organize Your Kitchen After A Move

So you’ve just moved house and now it’s time to unpack the contents of your kitchen. This time though, you’re determined to organize it so that it not only works best for you, but also so that it remains clutter free. Just how do you go about doing this? Here are some hints and tips you may want to follow.


If you haven’t already de-cluttered when you packed up the belongings of your previous kitchen, then now’s a good chance to do it again. Even if you have, it’s still a good opportunity to go through all your gadgets and gizmo’s once more. Be honest and ask yourself when you last used that meatball scoop, cookie press or melon baller. If the answer is not in the last 12 months, then it’s probably time to part company. After all, you don’t want to be hunting through piles of ‘stuff’ to get to the item that you use frequently, or have to find a space for it when space may be limited.

Organizational Ideas After Moving

Organizational Ideas After Moving

Frequent use equals easy reach

One of the golden rules about making the most of your kitchen storage should be that the more frequently you use an item, the easier it should be to access. It stands to reason you don’t really want to put your everyday pots and pans in a cupboard that’s virtually inaccessible. Alternatively you don’t want to store that huge roasting pan (that only comes out during the holidays) in a prime location. Make sure everything has earned it’s rightful place in your kitchen cabinets.

Create activity centers within your kitchen area

There are certain areas or centers of activity in your new kitchen that you might want to group together. By storing the relevant utensils that relate to an area nearby, it’s going to save you endless time in the long-term. Remember a little bit of planning and preparation now is going to make it far easier for food to be prepared, cooked and served. Therefore think about storage such as pantry cabinets, as well as cooking, serving and cleaning areas and what you need to have to hand in those areas.

Organize Your Kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen

Don’t clutter the counter

Even if your kitchen design has a vast amount of of counter-top space, it’s always advisable to keep these areas free from gadgets and general odds and ends. Remember these are the areas that will need cleaning the most, so you don’t really want to be moving loads of ‘clutter’ every time you go to wipe it down.

Have a place for everything

One common mistake that people make when unpacking and organizing a kitchen after a house move is to put an item in a temporary place like on a counter-top or in a ‘junk drawer’ because they haven’t decided where it should really live. The trouble with this is that clutter tends to make clutter and very soon your nice clean counter top or temporary storage area becomes a haven for all sorts of junk. Instead it’s far better to give everything a permanent home from the start. This way you can keep your kitchen clutter free.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The good thing is that no organizational system is set in stone, as what works for one person might not work for another. Whatever you decide, the perfect time to do this is when you’re unpacking after a move. All you need is some time, a little bit of ingenuity and your kitchen remodeling ideas are sure to save you heaps of time.

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