How to Turn your Deck into a Relaxation Area

It’s hard to get a moment for yourself these days with the constant running around, hectic workdays, traffic and stress but it’s even harder to find a great place to relax and just shut everything else out for a few minutes. Even when you’re at home there always seems to be something getting in the way of that, a new text message that you receive, a work email you might have missed or just everyday chores that you remember you have to go through.

It’s not easy to schedule a trip to the wilderness to relax but there might be a better way to get that down-time you need in your own home or, well, right next to it, to be exact, by creating a relaxation zone on your deck.

Relaxation Deck Area

Relaxation Deck Area

What does your deck look like right now?

While it’s always nice to enjoy a few moments to yourself outside it may be that your deck isn’t exactly the most inviting or relaxing place at the moment. Don’t worry it can be if you just put a little work into it. If you’ve had a deck for a while and just don’t feel like going out there as often as you used to it may be because your deck, like most things, has gotten a bit old.

We all need some TLC every once in a while and your deck is no exception so consider giving it a nice makeover, it’s probably earned it. If you don’t have one yet and you’re looking into options for building a deck, even better, you get to start fresh.

Whichever the case is, it’s worth looking into some great deck tiles, railings and special features you can add to make your deck one of a kind. There’s just something more inviting about a deck that looks and feels new so make sure you start by freshening it up as much as possible when it comes to the actual structure and think about the decorations afterwards.

Outdoor Furniture Desing

Outdoor Furniture Desing

Choose your furniture wisely

Don’t just throw any old piece of furniture on your deck unless you’re going for an eclectic look. If you really want your deck to be a place where you can relax make it intimate and inviting. Pick out furniture that is comfortable and encourages relaxation such as wide, padded benches or an inviting sofa and some comfortable low armchairs.

Try not to overcrowd your deck with too many pieces of furniture so that it looks spacious and relaxed. Try to choose neutral colors and tones to compliment the surroundings and pick minimalistic designs in favor of more opulent options. For instance a low, simple coffee table will work better than a massive dining table in a relaxed setting.

Garden Decking - Fresh And Green

Garden Decking – Fresh And Green

Keep it green

The whole point of your deck is that it is outside and that you’re just a few steps away from nature so make it feel like it regardless of how big and green your actual back yard is. Decorate your deck with some flower and plant pots and keep it fresh and green.

It doesn’t matter how many plants you get but be careful of where you place them so that they get enough sunlight and thrive but you don’t trip over them at the same time. Use them to highlight different parts of your deck and create the feeling that you are surrounded by nature.

Garden Deck Light

Garden Deck Light

Play with the light

Figure out how much shade you need and where you want it. Ideally find a section of your deck where you love to relax during torrid days and provide some form of shade for that area but keep the deck in general in the light so that it feels fresh and warm all the time. If you want it to feel more intimate you can consider adding some railing or some walls just make sure it doesn’t feel too shut in when you’re done.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to accentuate your deck design in the evening. Use more small lights rather than one bigger light source in order to create a more relaxed environment by creating a softer light that reaches all of the areas on your deck. How much or how little light you have on the deck can really change the way it feels so figure out what you find relaxing and make it happen both during the day and in the evening.