How To Take Care Of Your Garden As You Get Older

Gardening is incredibly rewarding on many levels. It’s therapeutic, instills a sense of productivity and can also serve as extremely good exercise.

With many labor-intensive tasks like pruning, digging and mowing, gardening can become more difficult with age.

There’s absolutely no need to let the advancing years put you off, though.

Today we’ll look at 6 handy hints that can help you to keep your garden in tip-top shape even if you’re not young enough to climb trees!

Garden Tools

Garden Tools

1) Tools

As the years tumble past, getting the right tools for the job becomes more critical.

This site is targeted at disabled people but is equally beneficial for older people who have difficulty bending.

If you scroll to the Equipment and Tool Finder, a handy pair of drop-down menus allow you to select a specific gardening job and the exact nature of your difficulty. You can then examine a wide range of innovative tools that will make your life easier without compromising your garden.

Garden Care at Old Age

Garden Care at Old Age

2) Maintaining Plants Yourself

If you are passionate about gardening, it’s natural that you will want to take care of any planting and maintenance for as long as you are able. It’s part of the fun.

Focus on the elements that you can easily deal with. Pruning your roses gives real satisfaction and is not too taxing. The same is true with any deadheading.

Take care of any tasks that are not too demanding physically yourself. For anything that would stretch you too much, contract a gardening service to help you…

Gardening Services

Gardening Services

3) Gardening Services

Whether you lack expertise in some areas or just find things tough going physically, calling in a gardening service does not mean surrender. We all need help from time to time. This is not something limited to the elderly.

Gardeners tend to fall into two distinct categories. A general handyman will trim the grass and hack down any stray shrubbery for you. You will need a more experienced gardener if you want them to care for your plants properly.

Checkatrade is a great resource if you cannot find someone through word of mouth. As with anything in life, prices usually reflect quality. Don’t simply opt for the cheapest at the expense of all other factors. Think about value for money. Choose someone you can trust.

Watering Your Garden

Watering Your Garden

4) Watering Your Garden

The standard methods of watering involve either carrying heavy buckets or unrolling a hosepipe. Both are hard work.

One eco-friendly solution is to set up some water butts in strategic locations. Catch water which drips down from the roof of the shed, greenhouse or garage.

If this is not possible, use the same tactic of water butts but fill them yourself. At least this way you will have sufficient water for a reasonable time to come.

Garden Waste Disposal

Garden Waste Disposal

5) Waste Disposal

Lighting fires is restricted to the evening in many countries and working a compost heap is certainly not simple.

Check out whether your local authority will collect green waste. Many do.

As long as you stop short of filling endless bags with heavy soil, this is a practical way to get ride of your garden waste without overexerting yourself.

Take Care of your Garden

Take Care of your Garden

6) Redesigning Your Garden

If the above tips don’t do the trick, perhaps it’s time for a redesign? Everything evolves in life and your garden is no different. It should grow with you.

Raised beds are a smart move to simplify your job.

If you need to use a wheelchair, widening the paths is an excellent move.

This overhaul does not need to break the bank but it’s worth paying a skilled worker to tweak the things you are struggling with.


Gardening really is something that can be done by anyone of any age.

As the years roll by, you just need to adapt things so that you can still cope without overdoing it.

Even if you are starting to lose your sight, it’s well worth pursuing your interest in gardening. As we lose one sense, the others are enhanced. Bring further joy into your life with a garden filled with vibrant, fragrant flowers.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t give up. Take advantage of these useful tips and there’s no reason to put your shears away any time soon!

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