How To Keep Your Plastic Shed Looking Like New

Compared to other kinds of sheds, plastic garden sheds have the benefit of not needing much maintenance or any complicated measures to keep it in good condition year-round. But, you do need to carry out a few basic maintenance steps to ensure your plastic shed is protected against natural elements and last for many years to come.

Garden Shed

Garden Shed

Use these 5 steps to keep your shed in great condition:

1. Check Your Shed Regularly

Don’t forget to regularly inspect your plastic shed. Even though it is an outdoor item, it is still prone to damage and dirt so it is important to check your shed to see what sort of maintenance needs to be done.

2. Cleaning the Walls of Your Shed

Your plastic shed is going to need cleaning every now and then, but fortunately this is easy with a plastic shed. Be sure to wipe off dust and other debris like mud and leaves using water and soap mixture. Use a cloth to wipe the sides clean. If you have a large shed, it may be easier to use a hose to spray down the outside of the shed. A plastic bristle scrubber works well to scrub off persistent dirt that has stuck to the walls.

Plastic Storage

Plastic Storage

3. Cleaning the Roof of the Shed

The roof of the shed is prone to accumulating quite a bit of dirt, so to clean it properly, start by sweeping off all the dust and dirt with a push broom. You can then quickly hose down the roof using a pressure hose. Next, spray a good amount of liquid soap onto the roof and use a plastic bristle scrubber mounted onto a long enough stick to scrub the roof thoroughly. Finally, you can rinse the roof off and wipe dry using a squeezer.

4. Cleaning the Inside of the Shed

Plastic sheds in the UK are ideal for storing all kinds of items, but you don’t want to store items carelessly. Therefore, you should clean the inside of the shed, too, by sweeping the floors and giving the storage shelves a good dust down. There may be some stains or spillage that need attending to. If this is the case, simply apply a synthetic turpentine oil.

Plastic Shed Maintenance

Plastic Shed Maintenance

5. Applying a Protective Spray to Your Shed

There are several protective sprays on the market designed specifically to protect and maintain plastic items. Try one out by applying a protective layer to your plastic shed; it should add shine and gloss to your outbuilding.

Fortunately, plastic sheds really don’t require much maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their best all year round. Unlike metal and wood sheds, plastic sheds are resistant to weather but by cleaning them regularly, you can help them look polished and avoid them getting shabby from the elements.

Try out these five guidelines to maintain your plastic storage shed with very little effort and enjoy its use for a long time to come!