How to Keep Your Gutters Clean, Effort-Free

Nobody likes household chores, but there are certain ones that generate a special amount of disdain among those tasked with handling them. Things like wiping off counters and doing dishes are annoying, but other tasks are large undertakings, and the size of the project usually reflects the degree to which people hate them. Near the top of this chore list are the major seasonal projects, and at the top of that list is often where gutter cleaning resides.

Gutter Cover - Reticulated Foam Gutter

Gutter Cover – Reticulated Foam Gutter

The reasons for this are numerous. It’s time-consuming, hazardous, dirty, and depending where your home is, something you’re constantly doing. We’ve all seen slap-stick comedies where a homeowner dutifully scoops goop from the gutters, when the ladder suddenly kicks out as he or she reaches a little too far. Down goes the ladder, followed by the gutters the person is holding on to for dear life. In real life, this is incredibly dangerous, not to mention costly to repair.

People have been looking for alternatives to this task for years, and one of the newest ideas on the market is the reticulated foam gutter insert.

New Gutter Cleaning Product - Dryfast Foam

New Gutter Cleaning Product – Dryfast Foam

What makes this idea so great is that it fills the gutter with a straining material. This filters out debris, while being much more durable than a mesh grill. The foam is often triangular, covering the entire top of the gutter, while leaving a channel for water to run freely. Debris washes right over the top of these inserts, and is easily brushed away from the ground. Safe and passive, the only upkeep required is an occasional shaking to free smaller particles.

Next time you find yourself up to your elbows in rotting leaves and needles, give a thought toward an easier alternative.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of residential and commercial foam products, including reticulated filter foam and Dryfast foam.