How to Improve Your Patio?

Your patio is an extension of your home. It is a place to gather with friends and family to enjoy parties, relaxing or a yummy cookout. Often times, homeowners neglect to decorate or maintain their patio. They run out of ideas on how to improve and decorate their patio.

Decorating the outside of your home can be so fun. Patios come in many varieties; some are cover; some are without a cover. Some are huge and some are small. No matter the variations for your patio, there are some awesome ways to improve it.

Pation Covered Space

Pation Covered Space

1. Make a Covered Space

If your patio doesn’t have a covered space, adding one can make a huge difference. The sun can be brutal during the hot, summer months. Making a place to escape the sun and relax in the shade allows your family to relax outside without getting a sun burn.

A great option if you cannot add an extended roof is a pergola. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors. They are a beautiful structure that can be a focal point for your backyard. If you owe a pergola, draping the sides in fabric makes a statement.

Fabric also makes it easy to close off some sides. You can add a curtain rod on the side of the pergola; this will make it easy to open and close the curtains. This will create an atmosphere of privacy. It will be the favorite hangout spot on your patio!

2. Patterns and Color

Don’t shy away from colors and patterns in your patio area. The patio flooring is often overlooked as a way to decorate the space. Cement tile comes in many shades and patterns. They also are very durable for a patio area. Selecting a shade of color for your cement tiles and then a few patterned ones around for a border would be perfect.

Decorating Patio Seating Area

Decorating Patio Seating Area

3. Seating Area

If you spend all of this time decorating your patio, you need a seating area. If you have a big enough space, you can have some seating under the pergola, as well as one that is out in the sun. The pergola area would be main seating area.

A larger style couch or love seat and a few armchairs are the perfect options. This is a good area to make a splash of color. Patterned or brightly colored pillows added to the seating is stylish as well as functional. Pillows and cushions invite your friends and family to sit down and chat.

4. Eating

If your patio is big enough, you need a cookout area. Summer means cooking on the grill or in ovens from sites like or roasting chickens. It is the perfect time to call your neighbors over for dinner and drinks. To make this a reality, you need the space to cook and eat.

There are some lovely table and chair sets available for patios. You want to make sure it’s large enough for your family, with some additional seating available for guests. These typically include an umbrella to add some shade to the eating area.

Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting

5. Lighting

Eventually, it will get dark every night. If you don’t want your evening to end every time the sun goes down, you will need some kind of lighting. First, you want to place some lighting, such as solar lights, along the pathways to the patio areas. This also stops guests from stepping in your flowerbeds!

Next, you need some lighting on your patio space. Hang a focal lighting piece, such as a chandelier, in the middle of your covered space. You can place it over top of a coffee table. If you have a gate or fence around your patio, you can also add some lighting on top of the fence.

Don’t neglect your patio! It is such an amazing living space and should be used as frequently as you can. The possibilities are endless.