How Does Rising Damp Harm Us?

We see many people suffering from asthma and the related problems that are often caused because of rising damp. This harmful menace creates many problems for the humans as their health and properties are at great risk. This dangerous aspect harms us in many ways as under.

Damages our physique – We all need to be fit enough to fight different diseases. Rising damp is a matter of great concern for our health. People residing in the older building premises are more vulnerable to health hazards because of the rising damp that attacks them. Lack of warmth due to this menace creates many problems for our physique that gets damaged by harms to its different parts. The buildings that are not provided with adequate measures to control rising damp are much harmful for the residents.

Rising Damp

Rising Damp

Harmful for the buildings – Rising damp puts adverse effects upon the building structures. Starting from the foundations, it reaches other parts of the buildings that get destroyed in gradual manners. Many parts of the buildings are damaged greatly due to this harmful aspect that is a great nuisance for the building owners.

Destruction of other costly items – Valuable items including, sheets, furniture, clothes and other such things are destroyed due to the rising damp that creates lot of damages. The ill effects of rising damp can be seen upon the wooden and other items that cost much.

Contamination – The environment is adversely affected with the rising damp that is a great danger to our health. The building owners are also prone to the losses because of pollution due to this dangerous aspect that damages the healthy atmosphere.

Mold – Rising damp results in growth of mold if it is not controlled in the beginning stages itself. We often see patches of mold in our rooms and other places in our residential and commercial buildings. Mold is also much harmful for our health.

Damaged by Leaking Sewerage Pipes

Damaged by Leaking Sewerage Pipes

Seepage – We see the sewerage and water pipes that often suffer from leakages due to the rising damp that affects them adversely. Outflow of waste through the leaking sewerage pipes is affected in adverse manners and it creates lot of problems for the building owners. Bathrooms, kitchens and other places are affected due to the rising damp that is a matter of great concern for all.

Monetary loss – Rising damp destroys the buildings and puts adverse effects upon our health too. People affected with this problem are put to great financial loss as they have to get treated for the relevant diseases. Damages to the buildings have also to be made good by investing huge amounts of money due to rising damp. Many valuable items damaged due to damp have to be replaced by purchasing the fresh ones against heavy expenses.

Rising Damp must be checked in the earlier stages itself to avoid loss to our health, properties and financial burden upon our pockets. We can avail the services provided by the prominent damp proofing companies that help us greatly to control this menace.