Home Improvement Tips to Enhance the Value of Your Home

When we talk properties as a long term proposition…we definitely mean it and if you are blessed to enjoy every moments of your life with the one for more than a decade or half, then definitely home makeover is definitely in your mind. Though there is no thumbs rule that, you need to wait for a decade or so, but a well maintained house can provide you with that mileage. Anyways, variety is the spice of life and spicing up the place where you are living is nothing but that awesome feelings which you would like to cherish occasionally like the vintage champagne savored with exotic cheese….Home Improvement undoubtedly enhance the face value of your home in your neighborhood and yours in your social circle. But yes…you must be thinking about the expenses too…Well there are innumerable DIY or affordable options which make your home dazzle while others invest in upcoming branded properties like Brigade Northridge in Bangalore.

Color Scheme Combinations

Color Scheme Combinations

Paint Coat

Pick a suitable or your favorite paint color. Don’t forget to put the white coating and then apply it. There are ranges of colors, ranging from matte finish, pearl finish, shiny, glossy, shimmery etc. For interiors preferable pick will be light yet vibrant shades and for exteriors you can try with darker shades. Remember do not start painting your house during monsoon…

Wonderful Home Improvement Ideas - Kitchen Cabinet

Wonderful Home Improvement Ideas – Kitchen Cabinet

Give a makeover to your Bathrooms and Kitchen

Though previously much attention were not paid in doing the bathrooms or kitchen, but now a days, there is a huge disparity in the scenario. To be very specific, if we go back to the last generation, the nuclear family was not a next door affair, rather people used to live in a joint family and having a designer bathroom used to be considered more as an extravagance. But, now with time wherein the concept of nuclear family is gaining more importance due to socio – economic advancement, people now indulging more in a lifestyle proposition thus opting for a designer bathroom. If you can manage space for your bathroom, you can upgrade it by installing a bath tub or a Jacuzzi tub. Even all the upcoming properties in the metros from well-known builders like Brigade Group also focus on the value added life style quotient while designing homes for their upcoming projects. For kitchen, installing new tiles along with a modular kitchen as well as installing a kitchen chimney can always contribute to enhance the face value of your house.

DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Fixing Damps Repairing Cracks

With time you will definitely be experiencing damps and cracks but instead of lingering it for longer time for more damages, it is always advisable to fix them at the earliest.

Wiring and Earthing

This is another important aspect which not only enhances the face value but also add the security and the safety quotient and that is checking your wiring as well as earthing. Though this matter has always been take care with due importance by branded projects like Brigade Properties as well as others…but still then never go slow with safety matters.

Apart from all these you can accessorize or decorate your house the way you want…because it is your house and it portrays your taste and preferences with whatever little or more you do…