Home Design Trends that Dominated in 2016

As we enter 2017, there’s no better time to look back at some of the most intriguing interior design trends of 2016. If you’ve yet to tackle a home reno this year, perhaps a few of the following trends will inspire you!

1. Multi-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Though asymmetrical and, at a glance, appearing unfinished, two-tone kitchen cabinets do a good job segregating a kitchen’s many surfaces. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with taking a united approach to your kitchen’s palette, but frankly, it’s been done. Multi-tone cabinetry allows you the opportunity to play off the different facets of your own personality and incorporate them into your living space. If you have an island in your kitchen, consider tying in both colours or materials together in this unit; doing so will add cohesiveness to the space.

Furniture Fabrics

Furniture Fabrics

2. Using Outdoor Fabrics Indoors

You might be surprised to know that many homeowners are incorporating traditionally outdoor materials within their home. Why? Because these robust, woven materials are durable (able to stand up to wear and tear) and are so pleasant to the eye it’d be a shame to designate them to the outdoors only. Best of all, you can add these intricate woven patterns all throughout your home, everything from an area rug in your hallway, to couch cushions, to a dinner room table runner.

3. Coloured Stainless Steel: A Revelation

Everyone loves sleek and sexy stainless steel appliances, but they don’t necessarily add the visual punch they once did. Now you don’t have to sacrifice colour for the aesthetic of stainless steel thanks to the emergence of coloured stainless steel. That’s right, your stainless steel can now blend much better into your kitchen’s décor. Choose from finishes ranging from black and bronze to bright contemporary colours like red and mint green to really add some pop.

Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring

4. Heated Flooring

The epitome of style and function, heated floors have until recently, existed merely to promote more comfort in the bathroom. Homeowners in the colder regions of North America have taken to installing heated floors in their entryways. Not only does it expedite the thawing of frozen toes, it’ll also help to dry wet footwear and melt snow.

5. Evolving Islands

While it’s true that islands provide a ton of prep space in any kitchen, islands are becoming more and more functional thanks to copious amounts of storage, ample seating, and the inclusion of a prep sink. These enhanced features really are making it a central gathering hub for the modern family.

Statement Wall Mirror

Statement Wall Mirror

6. Statement Mirrors in Lieu of Traditional Vanities

Check a number of newly redesigned bathrooms in 2016 and chances are you won’t find a run of the mill rectangular mirror above the sink. Homeowners have been seizing the opportunity to make a bold statement with their bathroom reflective surfaces, incorporating intricate wooden frames, backlighting, and unique shapes to amuse the eye of guests.

7. Low Profile Kitchens

No one likes to feel cooped up in a kitchen all day. As kitchens are becoming more and more open, further integrating into the rest of the living space, the physical imprint of the traditional kitchen is seemingly on the decline. Open kitchen layouts continued to experience popularity throughout 2016, allowing homeowners to get more use out of the space. To achieve this, homeowners are doing away with their upper cabinets, swapping them out for open air shelving that, while functional, tend to give the space a much airier feel to it. To be fair, these types of kitchens do lend themselves to storage problems, but kitchen designers are just as quickly finding new and innovative ways to keep pots, pans, and utensils organized and out of sight.

Excellent Home Interior Design

Excellent Home Interior Design

8. No Tech Living Rooms

In spite of the pervasiveness of technology, it might surprise you to know that living rooms devoid of technological distractions have been all the rage in 2016. Perhaps it’s a desire to harken back to simpler times when family gathered at the end of the day to spend quality time with one another, or perhaps inspired by the need for a respite from all the notifications and constant stream of communications we receive around the clock, it’s nice to have a place where regenerative contemplation can occur uninterrupted.

What will 2017 have in store?