Heated Towel Rail in A Luxury Bathroom!

With the recent cold snap now its very necessary to install Heated Towel Rail. Even you can install designer radiator to keep the temperature of the room normal. Installing heated towel rail not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but it provide you the facility of using dry and heated towels round the clock.

There are some precautions which you need to follow before installing the heated towel rail. Most important of which is the size of bathroom and choosing the size of heated towel rail. Heated towel rail has a BTU rating and it comes in different sizes. By reading the manual properly and discussing with the issuers you should select the size of heated towel rail.

Heated towel rail can be mounted anywhere on the walls of your bathroom and its very easy to handle. Contemporary and classic cast iron radiators  are used now a days which are very efficient and user friendly. Some very common types of heated towel rails are given below,

  • Traditional Towel Rails
  • Ladder Style Heated Towel Rails
  • Bar On Bar Heated Towel Rails
  • Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Electric Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rail is now a need for every single home out there, the importance of which can be judged from the hundreds of suppliers we have today.