Guide to Make Your Home Look Bigger

There are times when everyone yearns for a bigger home. This may not be always possible in today’s world of constrained spaces and sky rocketing land prices. Whatever the dimensions be, there are explicit ways by which you can make your home appear bigger and more spacious.


Most homes these days are set into the land space available. However, it is always a good idea to relook at the floor plan, as there may be some ways by which you can add extensions around your home. These can be just open areas like a conservatory, which can add a sense of space to the home and bring in the much needed sunshine and plants that would beautify your home.

Home Appear Bigger

Home Appear Bigger

Light up Right

Lighting is a key element to give an appearance of space. Torchiere lights are an excellent way to make the room brighter as they bounce off the ceiling and back into the room. Recessed areas need alcove lights that make it look brighter and add space and value to the home. A skylight is an excellent way to let the natural light in and it also provides a feel of airiness and largeness of the area.

Wall Color

A light shade of wall color gives the room a brighter appearance, making it feel larger than it really is. Monochromatic colors and pastel shades are preferred for the walls, while neutrals and white are the other good choices. The ceiling is an extension of the walls, and should always be in a light shade. This will allow the lights to brighten up and effective, offering a larger look to the place. As the value of your property goes up, you may think of selling it, and it would then be a good idea to find out how to use a conveyancing comparison website.

Storage Furniture

Storage Furniture

Furniture and Accessories

It is a good idea to have a color scheme for the room, which would include the furniture and cushions, rugs, carpets, curtains, and accessories. Try to use different textures and fabrics which would complement the sense of space in the room. Place a single large painting on the wall, which could be the centerpiece and point of focus of the room. Restrict the items of furniture placed in a confined area and preferably place a glass top table in the center that allows more light to pass around the room.

Kitchen and Dining Area

An open kitchen is one of the most convincing ways to provide the home with a sense of space. As it opens into the dining area which is frequently used, it provides a sense of being a larger space and makes your home feel bigger than it actually is. Contrasting shades and mellow colored table tops help to create an aura of spaciousness.

Make Home More Spacious

Make Home More Spacious

Declutter Your Home

Remove all the excess items that clutter your rooms and your home. Magazines and papers can be neatly stacked away, and place artifacts at distinct places in the room. It is a good idea to go for storage furniture that will serve the purpose of storing your valuables as well as give the house an airier look. It will also make the room appear larger when the furniture are neatly arranged. You can also create unexpected arrangements of the furniture to utilize awkward spaces.

Use these suggestions as a starting point to create your own arrangements and give your home a roomier look.

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