Getting Through a Frigid Winter in Comfort

For people living in certain parts of the country, the past few winters have been downright awful. Constantly contending with massive snowstorms and frigid cold fronts, many Americans spend five months of the year longing for the arrival of spring. With another polar vortex expected to hit the U.S., it’s safe to assume that the country is in for yet another brutal winter. Heavy snow, subzero temperatures and icy roads will once again become the norm for people living in all but the warmest states. Fortunately, even if you live in an area known for its frosty winters, there are numerous ways to survive the season in utmost comfort. So if you can’t stomach another long, arduous cold weather season, put the following tips into practice.

Have Your Central Heater Regularly Service

Since your home’s central heater is your family’s foremost line of defense against the freezing weather outside, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have the device serviced on a regular basis. With this in mind, have a local heating and cooling specialist examine your central heater at least twice per winter. While there, he’ll promptly swap out any defective parts, give the device a thorough cleaning and break up any clogs. This will ultimately lead to an evenly-heated home and reduced heating bills.

Heating and Cooling Specialist

Heating and Cooling Specialist

Invest in a Snow Blower

Although snow can be pretty to look at, it’s an absolute pain to shovel. To make matters worse, snow-shoveling causes thousands of broken backs, heart attacks and torn muscles each year. That being the case, it’s no wonder doctors advise people over the age of 40 to abstain from shoveling snow. Furthermore, depending on the size of your driveway, snow-shoveling can be incredibly time-consuming. For all these reasons, a reliable snow blower is a must-have item for people living in cold weather states. In addition to clearing up snow in a more timely and efficient manner than shoveling, snow blowers put far less strain on people’s muscles. A decent snow blower shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars – which is substantially less expensive than making a trip to the ER after incurring a shoveling-related injury.

Spruce up Your Home Entertainment Center

Sure, wintertime is synonymous with being trapped indoors for months on end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. To ensure that your family stays entertained throughout the frosty winter months, consider investing in a big-screen television and signing up for a premium cable package. Such an arrangement will enable your family to spend the season catching up with their favorite shows and watching an entertaining array of feature films. Since many cable providers offer special beginning-of-the-year deals, winter is the perfect time to upgrade your cable setup. Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, many electronics stores offer fantastic deals on name-brand large-screen televisions.

Winter is understandably many people’s least favorite time of year. Being at the mercy of brutal snowstorms, arctic winds and ice-coated roads is enough to make anyone consider relocating to a state that enjoys year-round warm weather. Luckily, by utilizing the previously discussed tips, you’ll be able to make it through even the coldest winter in absolute comfort.