Gardening Tricks for Beginners: How to Grow Garlic in Your Outdoor Gardening

Garlic is a common herb that can be bought easily in your nearest supermarket. While this is true, there’s no telling where it came from and the chemicals it contains from the preservatives that was injected to it. Many wholesalers use many kinds of preservatives for transport purposes.

This is why it would be much preferable to use garlic that grows from your own garden. The good thing about garlic is that it is quite easy to grow them. Here’s how to grow garlic in your own garden.

Growing Garlic

Growing Garlic

1. Choose the type of garlic

There are many species of garlic but two are the main categories that you can choose from and the mostly depend on the climate in your area. One is the softneck – these ones have soft stems and are easily grown in mild climates. The other one is the hardneck – these have harder stems and grow flowers on them.

Softnecks are the ones commonly sold and imported around the globe. They can stay longer when stored. Hardnecks, on the other hand, are best for cold climates.

2. Prepare your garden bed

Just like growing other crops and herbs, a healthy soil is an important for the fast growth of garlic. Garlic will grow on humus soil and well-drained but not too dry. Ensure that water is accessible. Maintain your sewage systems through sewer repair. A full sun exposure is much preferable for the healthy growth of garlic.

Plant Garlic

Plant Garlic

3. Time to plant your garlic

Now that you have chosen your type of garlic and prepared the soil, it’s time to plant them:

The timing. Although they are relatively easy to grow any season depending on the type, all types of garlic are ideal to be planted during autumn months.

Separate large and small cloves. The large cloves are ideal for planting while the inner cloves are used for cooking.
The depth. When sowing, make a whole twice the height of the clove to insert it to.
Fill back soil. Press the soil firmly when you fill back the whole to ensure that the clove is in place.
The distance. Place the right amount of distance for the garlic roots to crawl freely and healthily.

4. Taking care of your garlic

Caring for your garlic is basically the same as how you would take care of other plants. Water it regularly and give it enough sun exposure. Add fertilizer or liquid nutrients to make the garlic healthier. It is important that you remove the weeds around the garlic patch.

Care of Garlic

Care of Garlic

5. When it’s time for harvest

Before harvesting, check one bulb to see if it is already good to go. Keep track of the maturity timeline so that you have a reference for your next wave. Ensure that the garlic bulbs are mature enough to be harvested.

When harvesting, it would be ideal to use bare hands instead of a garden rake, since rakes can spear the garlic bulbs.

6. Garlic storage

When you have fully cleaned your garlic, it is now ready to be used for cooking. You can keep it in a room with moderate humidity and where it can have exposure to the sun. A room with good air circulation is also good. Avoid refrigerators or plastic bags as these will decrease exposure to air and can lead to faster rotting of the garlic.

Garlic is a popular spice and is widely used in many dishes and recipes. This healthy little herb has many health benefits, including maintenance of blood pressure, can combat common ailments like cold and flu, prevents heart diseases and maintains brain functions. It is filled with antioxidants and medicinal properties that makes it a powerful herb.